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Alan, I noticed also, looks promising. I also wanted to add several Lipo batteries and charger. I think things are moving forward. Steve S


lol, you have been spying as I have also! I am 2,400 km away at my summer cabin on "vacation". That's code for "dj is away programming and working in solitude".

I had a facetime call with Alan while they were opening the boxes - it's boxes of many many different parts. Servos, Roli bodies, JD heads, JD bodies, chargers, lipo's, etc..

They parts look great! they're going over them today to verify final fitments


@DJ Im glad you took time to get away and relax :)


D.J., Have the best vacation, you deserve it! Did you say Lipos and charger? Thanks, Steve S


Relax guys.... everything is coming from China, remember.... However, if EZ Robot is still test fitting, gotta' make you wonder when the assembly lines will actually start cranking out revolution robots....



howlong do you think it will lastt before the actully line starts making the revolution?

dj happy holidays:)


The assembly line has been assembling and building robots for weeks - including electronics and plastic assembles. There are nearly 100 unique parts to each robot. This allows the EZ-Bits to be assembled in groups as items are completed.

The only parts which are being tested now is Roi's body, Extension Cube, JD Body and JD Head.

Changes to a mold for revisions takes only a day or two - we have explained the process a few times before for those who missed it. The parts were designed in the mold to be a little smaller and larger than expected. This gives us room for plastic expansion/shrinkage during the injection process. The only tweaks to the mold to the parts are very easy because it's filing away metal.

It's very difficult and expensive to weld in new metal - so instead we design the parts to allow removing metal instead. Hope that makes sense...

Thanks everyone for the vacation wishes:) It has been pretty nice to be away from the office. However, the weather hasn't been cooperating - i hope that changes soon


Thank you D.J. for the update, but try to get back to vacation. Steve S


That sucks... Of course I ordered a Roli... LOL... Thanks for the explanation DJ.... Well, we finally have some good weather here is southern Ontario.... Maybe you could hang out here for a while and enjoy some sun...?


Richard, I might have to visit southern Ontario - it's pretty rainy up here where my cabin is in northern Ontario:(