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I Need Some Wires

I have a little problem
my servo wire is to short and there is nowhere I can get any at all
ive tried getting junk from the thrift store here but all the wire I find is way to thin
I can buy what I need from the site here for 1$ but it will cost 45$ for shipping:( lol
there is a hobby shop in the next town over but that will cost 250$ for the trip there lol
I have waisted over 20 on junk from the dollar store on headphones and other junk that looks like its thick enuff but when I strip it its like one strand of hair ...... that's when I can strip it lol

HELP lol


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I need it to get scraps blade to work
the pics looked ALOT better on the cam lol

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
All you need is servo extensions correct? there are tons of ads on ebay for servo extensions. I got 20 for $6!
I never buy from ebay as every time I tried to I got ripped off big time
I never got what I paid for
@Wolfie ..I suggest going to a thrift store and checking out their electronics section. Often there will be tons of various gauge wires and other cool stuff to raid!
@Wolfie email me your mailing address. I think I have some servo extension wires I can send you. If I don't have any, I am going to the hobby shop Tuesday after work and will pick some up. No charge to you, just one maker to another.

Thank you thetechguru will send now:):):)

@irobot58 I go to the thrift store every day its open but I live in a really small town and there is never much there at all other than clothing and that's vary limated to

im hoping to be moving back to the last town I was in there the thrift stores are good and a new hobby shop opened there .... wish it would not cost 250 for a day trip there lol
A good source of wires are in telephone cables. You can ask your local telephone repair man if he has a short length of spare wire. Mine had no problem giving me 4 feet. It will have many connections inside of it, maybe 25-30 copper wires. You can hook each of those wires and the servo wires to a terminal strip.
@Moviemaker, Good suggestion. I have a 25 foot coil of 25 pair telephone wire (and a few smaller cables as well). You do need to be careful to use them in areas that don't get a lot of movement. It is fairly stiff solid wire and will fail due to metal fatigue if bent back and forth a lot.