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I Need Inspiration

I have 2 robots in the process. Ones a toy tank and the others my dewy robot. I'm stuck in a rut.

Trying to make the tank turret turn is a big problem because I have no space inside. I want it to be a clean design.

Dewy needs to be painted, and then have his neck (which has nothing to mount to) rigged up.

I've set them aside for too long and I need to get back at them. So, if there's anything you think will help me reach that goal, post it. PLEASE.



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take a picture of each one.

for the tank, from the top no turrent on, but another picture of turrent up side down.

why you ask, so we maybe able to suggest what to do.

same two pictures of dewy.



Taking pics is always a good idea. Theres two main ways to make a turret turn. Center mount a servo to mount it to , or you can make a track and bearings that glide on a circular rim. On this rim you can have a gear motor with small rubber tire or go to the trouble of making a gear ring to affix to the inside of the turret. Main advantage of a gear ring is the motor can be mounted on any edge all the way around the body. As long as the pinion or tire can meet ab edge it can turn your turret. Post pics and i can be more specific.


you can place the servo els where and connect it whit a gear or belt.


Do you have any space in the turret itself? Maybe you can mount the servo or micro servo in the turret instead (upside down) and attach it to the chassis that way? It would mean you would have to find a way to route the servo wire out of the way, though...


Here's the problems:


User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

The "90* servo" needs to stick out almost all the way while the rotating servo can stay in the body.(Reference part Roli's neck assembly)


User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

The tank turret needs to turn 180 * from left to right. there is virtually no space in the body of the tank but the turret has lots of space. The turret has the camera in it whick those cables almost fill the hole of which I can put wires in but a servo wire could probably fit.(reference part: mini servo)

The robots which are currently sitting happily on a wooden box.

User-inserted image


Thanks. Tech


the turet comes ontop grey part?

you will need gears or a belt.can you place the servo's below?


Nomad, as stated I have absolutely no space in the main tank body. I tried a gear setup but failed miserably.


can you make the top a little longer by putting exstra piece off pipe in?


Ok , I believe some painters tape and epoxy resin will allow you to make a place to mount a servo. If needed i can take pics later but basically you tape off the neck opening and turn the body upside down. Then fill until about 1/4 inch thick with liquid epoxy from the inside. Then remove tape once hard and you will have a hocky puck sized place to cut a 20 x 40mm slot for a RC servo to center mount and that can be the mount for your turret.


Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to take another look at everything and hope to fall on an idea,