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Asked — Edited

I Just Bought 2 Very Cool Robots

Called PINO robot ,one works perfect and the other need a main cpu board and found out the board costs $1000 frrom japan (ouch) so it perfect for a EZB
The robot its self costs $35000 and there is a newer design PINO 2 AT $45000

here is a link to the robot


and a link to pino teaches him self to walk

PINO ROBOT teaches him self to walk

ALSO a write up on this issue of servo magazine too.

WILL post photos of it
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Whats very important is the date and company logo at the bottom,japan site doesnt show it

And the same one you have RADICA sells it for $60 ,but big problem most forget is the name and date at the bottom

PLEASE SHOW ME one showing the date and company name at the bottom ZMP 2001 and the inventor has his name on it too.

most likely its a good copy,my mom got a handbag that was to be worth big money,but found out it was a very very good copy,no way to tell,until she went to a place that knows about handbag and inside is show it was a copy ,no seal

NO WAY TO TELL if is a copy ,but was made in 2004 not 2001 and doesnt have the inventor name the one by RADAICA

All i want to see the box has the date and the inventor name and date like mine or its made by radica,may be write to the company that sells it,to find out it a copy or original one

UNTIL that can be done it cant be proven
I SEE there is a third company that makes them TSUKADA HOBBY,another copy same box

WHAT i think is going on first the inventor ZMP made the original one first and then maybe TSUKUDA HOBBY made one and then RADICA MADE in in japanese and in usa and PINK and green

iI dont the first one made was pink,mostly he made a green one,so i have the original first one ,witch makes it more rare then any of the other ones,i am thinking mine it worth near $500 so far there is nothing to dispute this yet.

SINCE only copies are shown or cant see the date at the bottom,i do see no its not $30000 as i first thought.
LUCKY only paid $115 for both since one is broken,i dont why the board is $1000 to replace in the bad one
may be custom fee,s shipping and japan high prices

GOING TO ASK THE GUY that went to japan to get it ,why is the board is $1000,might be they need to make the board again or shipping and customs,customs i know is very high above $300

BUT thats the info i found so far.
really dont care whats its worth,since the rare one thats the original one made i am keeping as a show item and collectors robot.

And the broken pino robot using a EZB
United Kingdom
As I said, disputing concrete proof. There's no point in trying to convince otherwise..
Ok, maybe you should re-read the link given by Rich, it tells the whole story :

Here is a sentence :

"Technology from the original project was transfered to ZMP Inc. in June, 2001 in order to commercialize Pino. ZMP worked with a toy company named Tsukuda Original (related to Pal Box), and released three Pino models to the market, (...) The Pino toys were rolled out in October, 2001..."
Tsukada robots were not copies, they were the originals, and they were toys.

By the way, if you "only paid $115 for both" (second to last post) and "really don't care whats its worth" (last post), maybe you should avoid to claim that "The robot its self costs $35000" (first post)... Don't you think?
You have the right to believe whatever you want. You said to the community, show me the PINO Japanese box which I did. The point was that you bought a 8 inch PINO "toy" robot, not the PINO robot which sold for upwards of $30,000. As far as it being rare, you have two of them. Maybe there is a market for PINO toy robots somewhere. If you are happy that's all that counts. I hope you enjoy them and will be interested in seeing how it performs with the EZ-B installed. Good luck and enough said.

sorry not 8 inch 14 inch model i have ,BOB
I DO have a ruler i can use to measure it,but it is 14 inches

SO last post by me ,until i post my ezb project design in a different thread under showcase
I say the same thing and not upset or offend anyone or say anyone is right or wrong
But no way to tell until i see proof of the photo showing the date and ZMP company like mine has

ALSO i said a few times i found out not it not a $30000 unit,small mistake ,but now its a rare unit unless i see proof of the photo of the date on it or just a copy

I AM very happy on it got very low cost and so far one is a rare one or original one and other one ?

Also it has to be a toy since its not the $30000 unit i first thought it was in first couple of posts

RICH did say it looks like the 14 inch model witch he is correct
United Kingdom
14" is also a toy. The advanced humanoid robot is around 24" - 36" based on the videos of it.

3 Toys were made as explained before and in the robot dreams link, the most advanced toy is about 14", these what you got. The main give away between toy and advanced humanoid are the joints. Yours appear to have the joints of the toy version.

I won't say anything about the $30,000 each claims in the first post and the later admission of the much lower price, that speaks for itself. All I will say is that it doesn't help anyone who may be searching for info on the pino in the future.

And as previously mentioned they are popular on eBay over here (including jap version) and go for £20-30 Max.
@fredebec THIS IS WHAT I FOUND out about same as you only the one made tsukuda did buy the company ,but the first ones made had the zmp company and date on it then when TSUKUDA BOUGHT THE COMPANY THEY PUT THERE BRAND NAME ON IT.

thats the same with all companies when they buy another company out or a small line of them

like i said a few time i made a mistake just every does at times on the cost of the item
I got that info on the price from servo magazine

still others still bring up that point about me says it cost $30000 and i said it doesnt cost that much

so far since the item is its worth a lot more,just like anything thats rare or first one made

THIS SHOWS proof thats its made by the ZMP COMPANY not TSUKUDA HOBBY COMPANY thaey put there company on the package ,first to show they made and second to let customers contact the company for repair

DOEST MAKE ANY SENSE to have another company name on their product


LAST time it is a TOY doesnt COST $30000 as i thought ,but mostly a rare item unless there is proof about the company name placed near the bottom,i would like to see a box with ANOTHER COMPANY NAME who made the same item. thats very good

NOBODY can say if the item is rare or not ,just that simple
What a rare item is when its made my the original company and only a few made 1000 may be 2000 and then sold to another company,also the date over 12 years old,
This one was made by the company before they sold it,BUT I THINK SOME WILL SILL DISPUTE IT
BUT the main item is what the topic heading says (i bought 2 very cool robots ) and we are off that topic 100%

PEOPLE MORE WORRIED ABOUT what i said wrong about the price then the topic its self,may be just looking to find a fault or something

AT LEAST only person who said some thing good and on topic is STEVE about the learning mode it has.
my manual i have on it says the same thing ,i see very few robots that can do that

on the first page about how it works,its same for one made by TSUKUDA HOBBIES or one made ZMP COMPANY who made the code or by RADICA ITS ALL THE

RICH like always got it off topic but looking for mistake by me,i know now it was a mistake if he didnt say anything there would be any one else saying something i think
RICH on ebay cheapest price is $100 sometimes $70
8 INCH model is about $40 to $60,
mine was at a super deal ,guy had it at $175 free shipping buy it now and start price for both $115 i got very lucky
i seen them sell for $100 before he posted the one i bought
I AM SMART EBAY BUYER,reason i get my stuff at a fairly low cost
BUT it seems you love to find faults in me ,like in my robot photos,when you said it was a stock items and didnt wait till i posted the real robot photos of them in about a hour or so.
United Kingdom
Re-read the topic. I was very thorough before mentioning the fact that they aren't the advanced ones... I did a lot of research and asked you questions in order to make that judgement.... you know what, I really do not need to justify anything. This has just proven to me that when I attempt to be civil to you it just doesn't happen.

But if it makes you feel better carry on trying to blame me for everything.
ok you say that not going to argue with you,but only you make a comment like that nobody else,until you make a comment then some others make comment to it also

THIS STILL ABOUT the main topic please keep it like that,so same problem happens again.
OK rich please do me that FAVOR,

ALAN said not to answer you no more and am not listening to him,but i will now
First, I'm not trying to put you down but the reason we are off topic is because what you say in your posts. Your first post said:

"Called PINO robot ,one works perfect and the other need a main cpu board and found out the board costs $1000 frrom japan (ouch) so it perfect for a EZB
The robot its self costs $35000 and there is a newer design PINO 2 AT $45000"

Then you say:

"VERSION 1 ,got it at little lower price,made in 2001 by ZMP COMPANY in japan,trying to get the open source software
They said mostly schools can get it ,but still will try.
I like professional design robots ,next is HANSON ROBOKIND ZENO or DARWIN"

Then another post says:

"All i know this the guy i got from bought it from JAPAN and one i have you can only get it in japan ,can not get it in USA
and got both long time ago for $16000 for both of them ."

What was the point of including the price in your post? Frankly, it sound like you were bragging. If you didn't include the price in your post, which I believe everyone was skeptical of, and then say that you got it a little lower price which implies a little less than $35,000, the posts would have stopped long ago. Then we find out you bought it off of some guy on eBay for $175 that said he bought them for $16,000 along time ago? Did you really believe that you could buy that expensive of a robot (2) for $175? Here's a tip. Check your facts first and leave out the price next time you post about getting a new robot and you will see different results.
Fred, to be fair, Bob summed up 70+ posts pretty well.
THANKS it might work,but with RICH in my robot photos it didnt work,RICH found another fault by me that does not matter.
it was about the photos i posted was stock photos not mine,IF HE WAITED just a little time i posted my real photos of those 2 items

And there will be another post he will look for a fault of mine ,i know for a fact.what he should do wait till someone else if the make a comment on my fault and then say something about it.

another good TIP I JUST dont reply to RICH but thats kinda hard

AND you said a comment about this ( Did you really believe that you could buy that expensive of a robot (2) for $175?)
Many times you hear on the internet that someone buys something at a yard sale and found out when is was checked it was worth thousands of dollars and they paid a few bucks

IT happen to me i went to a thrift store and saw a set of dishes for $75 AND when i took it to dealer that knows prices it was worth $1275 made in 1927 some people doesnt know what some items are worth

when i got mine for $115 i thought it was worth $35000 to $30000 since i saw it in my servo magazine and thought the guy doest know what its worth at first.

I THINK HE WAS LOOKING FOR A LOT MORE. AND DONT forget one is worth nothing its broken

BUT as i checked FREDEBEC comments he is party right its a toy and not worth $30000,most likely worth $500 may be a little less
The robot might only cost about a $100 but since its a original and may be one of the first one or so made its worth that much

NOBODY can dispute or not dispute the fact that its one of the first one made ,only ZMP ON THE BOTTOM SAYS THAT

PLUS it said it brought it over from japan where only you can buy it there,but that was after i got it.

SO i hope this ends it and get back to the post about HOW COOL IT IS ,its not about really about what i paid or what its worth or what i said about the wrong price
Thats what it was all about. Clarification. We didnt think you had what you thought it was and you implied paying a ton of money for them. Usually that makes people wonder and want more info. Good thing you didnt pay a lot on it.
NEVER said the cost i said i paid well under $30000 it can be $10 is well under or $115 is well under it
but in the beginning never said the price only well under it.

i BROKE MY rule,i said i would not respond any more to this post any more.

ALSO you made a comment about bob on the 70 posts ,but it made a small mistake or ? saying about a 8 inch toy its 14 inches big difference,and one ebay i did see 8 inch pino also bid on by mistake also.

NOT trying to put BOB ,just showing everyone makes a mistake or ?
Also everyone is guilty of off the topic besides me,just because i got topic doesnt make it right for others to get off topic too ,now does it ?
i think two wrongs does make it right is the saying.

PLus just because i made a mistake about the cost others dont need to make a comment about it ,not really important to prove i am wrong or made the mistake

plus me adding to it just made it worse too.

answer this question why does others want to make comments about my mistake i made on the price.?
and forget about the off topic items i see almost every post has off topic items by almost everyone
United Kingdom
Final post from me on this to clarify a few things Fred.

It wasn't the mistake in the value of the robot's which I or anyone else were disputing but the fact you said they were not the toy versions. You had implied (and argued) they were the $35,000 versions and you paid slightly less than that. Slightly less implies 10-15% or so. My first post about that version was expressing my concern that "they saw you coming" since they sell for £30 max on ebay UK (I recently bought 2 for £16 for the pair! This is how I knew you had the toy version - FYI they all say copyright 2001 ZMP on the foot).

Establishing and attempting to make you understand was the majority of the topic. You constantly denied they were the toy versions, I wont name names but I had a lot of emails over this topic and your responses and attitude. Honestly, and I'm not saying this to be nasty or anything but re-read the entire topic from someone else's point of view.

So to answer your question on why others want to make comments about the price you posted originally, because it looked as though you had got a bum deal and needed to take it up with the seller.

With regards to toy values, and Antron007 will be able to back this up with his transformers collection, but any value is lost once the box is opened. Even if it is the first one made it's worth substantially less if it's not in a C10 condition sealed box. With no certificate of authenticity your robots are worth the same as one fresh out of the factory.

But the most important thing I personally think you should take away from this is, if you need to use the $ on the keyboard and the post isn't about a script variable, stop, think and see if you really need to post the cost/price/value.