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There isn't any official list of http commands available, I have some written out on my laptop but not for scripts. You could use some sniffing programs such as fiddler to find out.

Or, have a look at the NodeJS project.

Out of interest, why do you need to know the http urls? There may be a better way of achieving your goal.


Let me try to explain. (I'm not really good in english). I use voice recognition S.A.R.A.H (this is a framework, not a software). It can be used with Kinect for voice and facial recognition or just a good microphone for speech recognition. Many uses for home automation, but it is a great base for robotics. You can to trigger HTTP requests via voice recognition, but also gestural, and to trigger NodeJS scripts to interact with automation packages, arduino or simply get information on the internet (movie times, weather, bus schedules, wikipedia ...) I write a plugin for control the EZ-B with Http request. But, I need to know http commands available. It is French, but with some modifications it can work in English.

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Could you not use TELNET rather than HTTP? TELNET is much easier, cleaner and more versatile in my opinion, it's what I use for my third party applications that communicate with ARC.


@Rich I think there are many on this forum who would love to see a short example of using TELNET ! If you could paste some thing here I know I would appreciate it. I have searched the forum and there are many "references" to Telnet but no example as far as I Ghostknow!:):) (p.s.) for another thread when you( I know you had mentioned earlier) get it started......I have some basic functions working on EventGhost(music)! and then to link it with ARC(Exec) Thank you Rich


All ez script commands work with the http syntax that you posted. It doesn't have anything to do with node.js. You can view the ez script syntax and any of the commands will work.

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Why am I not surprised it's that easy, I almost guessed that's how it would be but don't like guess work.

@irobot, I'll post something later although DJ has done a video on TELNET, how your application uses it will vary but I'll post my basic Python code to send something to ARC later when I get home.


@Rich Thank you! I can hardly wait! The sun is shining here brightly and need to get out!
@DJ much appreciation for your examples of Telnet ("knit 1 pearl1" .. now I can send instructions on how to knit a yellow rubber ducky sweater (inside joke)) ;) Informal acknowledgement to... ta da... DJ ! :) AS @Rich mentioned, Telnet does look EZ

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@irobot, DJ's examples were for the HTTPServer commands, TELNET is slightly different.

Give me 5 minutes to knock up some examples that I can show off (I can't show off my stuff yet for various reasons) and I'll post some telnet/EventGhost stuff.