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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

How To Stop Auto Arranging Of Controls

Every time I startup ARC, my controls are moved from where I left them when I saved the project. 
This if very frustrating as I spend 20+ minutes trying to get the controls arranged is a way that makes it much easier to find and use controls.

Is there a way to have ARC remember control layout and not do the auto arranging?

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Remembering the last setting is KEY.
I was setting it to stop auto arranging, saving project thinking it would stay that way. Then I would do some other work, change to do auto arranging, and the later exit project without saving. Then the next time I would load project, it would auto arrange (when I thought it would have used the previously saved "don't auto arrange" setting).
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Settings in the project tab are saved with a project 

settings in the options tab are saved with ARC application environment