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How To Reach The EZ-Robot EZB Config Page?

There used to be a button on the front of the connection control in ARC that could be clicked on to get us to the web page of a EZB. That has been replaced with a couple arrows to refresh the connection. How do I get to the EZB setup page now? The manual still says to press the button that has been replaced.

EDIT, Nevermind. I typed the address into my browser starting with http:// and went there directly. I found this on EZ Robot's website:


the EZ-B v4 webserver can be accessed by your web browser. If the EZ-B v4 is in Access Point Mode, the default web address will be If the EZ-B is in Client Mode, you will use the IP Address that ARC has detected (i.e. http://<ip address). 
Sorry for the waist of time.

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Sorry, I should have gone to the EZ Robot webpage first.