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How To Have Aimlbot Speak Response

I have many programs that I created with the AimlBot / Bing Speech recognition programs. I would like the AimlBot to speak the response the same way the PandoraBot speaks its responses. 

Thank for any help?


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look at the top for ez script with sayezb.

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@Normad 6R Hi just wondering are you still using ARC or have you installed the bata ARC.  You have to be using ARC to test this.
#4   — Edited

I have many programs that I created with the AimlBot / Bing Speech recognition programs, They all worked well.

When I asked a question, I received an audio answer.
Aiml Bot worked like Pandora Bot


ah sorry i though  it was desame.
something changed

Pandora Bot, you just talk and it answers

Aiml Bot use to do the same thing
To make AIML bot speak, you will need to add a piece of code that takes the variable holding the response, and have it speak.

1) Add the AIMLBot control to your project

2) Press the GEAR icon for configuration
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3) Press the Response Script button. This is the script that will run when a response is created
User-inserted image

4) Add this code, since you're using ARC we should use JavaScript because it's much faster...



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#8   — Edited
I added the java code it loaded correctly

Here is what I did:

Bing Speech control add:

ControlCommand("AimlBot", "SetPhrase", $BingSpeech)

Aiml control add


Above works with PC


Above works with ez -robot

now it works, trial and error,  happy I learned perseverance a long time ago  :-)