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How Does Jd Walk?

Hi guys... I'm curious to know how JD walks *confused* , because I have seen many videos ez robot but in none of them is JD walking is it fast, slow, or is a bit clunky? ... someone you can send a video of JD? because if I do not know how to walk I do not want to order it.
thanks to all :):D


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this combination off EZ and making your own robot is bigger then its name REVOLUTION.
my gess even dj&his team will blown off there feets some day to see how big ez has become.
there's no doubt in my mind this will happen.
i seen many robots last 5 years.and speek to some sellers.they dont sell lots off robots ,
due to high cost ,chipping is sky high.some off then cant live from this selling.
so these seller will also benefit off ez.cause people get back interested in robotics.
tony1952 i totally agree whit you.:D
would this be a good idea.cute feets for jd.servo's are underneed top front foot.and in adaptor ankle.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
similar yes.but these are really cute :D
Yeah wow this looks way cool. Is this the Japanese robot in space!?!?! If so . I want one!
Also I don't think JDS ankles roll side to side. I think they go up and down.
the robot in space is KIROBO from deagostini.
these are from robi also deagostini.
Gotcha. I'll look it up. Are those pics of your not? Can you postore? Please. I love the look.
kirobo is not on sale.robi is on sale he becomes whit free clock whit robi voice and free seat charger.
you need a japanese seller cause he have to fill in the form to get the free items.
yes this is my robi.he will be completed in juli this year.
there are 4 issues each month and that for 2 years.
A seat charger!?! Genius!

Much better than the nap backpack charger.
when robi's batt are empty he will say am hungry and look for his seat sit down and charge.
he speeks more then 200 words,but you need to learn japanese.
you need to be very patients when you start building the robi.2 years is long waiting.
and each issue has some 30 min work and your done.
he has cleaning mops for his feet.
you get also stickers from robi in diff poses.a mini robi too.
and you need to build a activation station.looks similar like robi ,its for activate your servo's.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
nomad18.08 thanks for your video and information! Robi is very cute & has great abilities - dance, getting up and speech. Pity it is only Japanese. Did you learn Japanese so you could build and understand your Robi! Have you received all the parts to finish the build?

BTW, interesting robots behind the Robi clock in your picture!
Hold up. Is the rovi a tiny figure? Or around a foot tall robot?

I ask because that looks to be a ultimate buzz light year.
Sorry I'm a little confused.

Is the robot the same size as the one in the video? If so....how much? I absolutely love it.
To be honest I just want the shell or the body of the robot. To stuff my own servos and a v4

How much would a shell be?
Sorry for all the post. I'm losing my mind over this.

I just did some reading. Its sold I. Parts via a magazine subscription in Japan.
@xlrobots hope you can make a 3d version of this.
i learn japanese as englich along the way.i have a few months to go before i get all parts.
whits robot the green/whit is buzz lightyear italian version and two bioloids
i think the charger will be good for jd.
i just ask the seller if it is possible to by the seat charger separt.he will ask deagostini.

yes there are 70 issues.
if any one has questions about the robi.i can gif your mail adres to him so you can ask him yourself.
robi is 34 cm tall
1500 dollars on eBay for the set. Wow.

@xl-robots how much for a 3d printed version of this robot?
yeach thats it.use XLRobot and make your own special robot that looks like you wanted do as you wanted.

robi issues
here is the link,but you need a japanese seller.
well am off to bed.look at many video's off robots.so you know how your 3d xlr robot must look like.
for parts off robi contact this seller.he is very friendly man speeks englich and he fill in the form for free clock and charger.

goodnight guys
robi seller