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How Do I Set An Output To Reflect The Status Led Of Iotiny Or Ezb-V4?

I see a lot of questions about LEDs but can't find anything on how to connect a LED to reflect the status LED of IoTiny or EZB-v4 to say output D0

I want an external LED to flash when Connection 0 is not connected (Using D0 output)
The same LED to turn ON and stay lit when connection 0 is connected
The same LED to turn OFF and start flashing when connection 0 is disconnected.

How would I write this script?


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How would I write this script?
The scripts run on the computer not on the controller. To flash a LED (D0) the computer needs to send multiple commands e.g. D0=On, Pause, D0=Off, Pause, D0=ON, etc.
If you are not connected to the controller, you can't.

There are other alternatives but requires an electronic circuit or an Arduino controller.
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Ensure you have the lastest EZ-B V4/2 firmware installed and view the configuration in the http server. There's an option for the status of the ezb connection on a digital pin

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I'm aware of that setting how you make a led flash when the connection is off ?


The same LED to turn OFF and start flashing when connection 0 is disconnected.
Zero flashing - just light notification
Makes sense that I can't make it flash when not connected, due to scripts running on the PC, didn't think of that. lol

I'm playing with IoTiny atm, EZB-v4 is later in the project, I have looked in the http server a few times, more just for curiosity than anything else :-)
I take it IoTiny doesn't have that option, for say D7, yet or if ever.
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