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oops sorry  i have 2020.3.19 it works there.

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Hi Nomad

Hmmm, I never tried blocky audio before upgrading to 2020-03-19, how does it know what files to list, did you set a sound directory somewhere?

ARC-Beta-2020-03-19-00-19052 was a fix for short cut creator.


take a soundboard v4 in your project and set all audio in there. the Blockly will see it.


Where/what is soundboard v4?

I tried loading Sound Board (PC) and adding 2 mp3s prior to asking blocky question, but that just loads individual sound files, it doesnt ask for a sound file directory.



ah sorry you find it here. User-inserted image

then you see

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there you put all audio in.



Thanks Nomad

It needs the soundboard ezb, not soundboard pc Blocky/Audio now lists the audio files loaded in ezb but not pc soundboard.

User error as usual lol



soundboard pc is for sound comming out your pc speakers /say("hello steve") soundboard ezb comming out ezbv4 /sayezb(" hello steve ")

and thanks for making my day:D


Bugger, thought I was on a winner

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I'm running LattePanda with Arduino Leonardo - ( Arduino mega on 2nd com port - ( ARC - (2020-03-19)

Hence why I loaded Soundboard PC

Oh well I'll try playing a sound in ezscript tomorrow

Thanks again for your help mate.

I'm finding more and more reasons to use my EZB or IoTiny over Arduino


ezbv4 is much easier in will work.


I want to use 2812b programable led strips, do you know how to get them working on EZBv4 and IoTiny?


no sorry i am not a programmer.i am a beginner with some little skills. someone chall chime in and help can post pics and link, off the led strips you want to use . that will help others .


Hi Steve, to use neopixel style LEDs you'll need an arduino to generate the precise signals to control the LEDs, from their you can hook the arduino up to the EZ-B via uart or just program the arduino to trigger off a high or low sent to one of the inputs. There's a few threads about it in the community here, just search for "Neopixel" or "addressable LEDs" or "WS2812B".


Steve, use the soundboard (pc) to have sound play out of the latte panda’s speaker output

Arduino’s are not powerful enough to play streaming audio like the ezb can.

if you go the route of an ezb, connect it to the latte panda so you don’t require the WiFi and therefore get faster response.


Hi Jeremy Yer with the searching Ive done I figured Id have you use arduino for 2812b leds. I see there is a neoblaster control for ARC, does that work ok? Shame I cant find flexible neoblasters.

Hi DJ Ive been playing a little bit with Soundboard PC, I take it I can point to the sounds I load in soundboard pc from ezscript (or use a path/filename) line of code.

Ill have a tinker tonight after work


Use the ControlCommand() when editing script. I recommend using Javascript over EZ-Script. Because EZ-Script is terrible :)

Simply right click in the editor and all of the control commands will be presented. You can click here on the word ControlCommand to read what that means.

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DJ, it's odd and kinda sad hearing you say EZ Script is terrible. You worked so hard on it making it so EZ for us.


HAha yah - EZ-Script was always my ugly step child though. I really should have considered using a real language instead of trying to make a new one. I think you believe ezscript is easy because you learned it. It's actually quite ugly when it comes to a programming language. JavaScript is a very nice language and much easier. JavaScript is nice the way i have the commands separated in their own classes. Like you can type COM. and have access to all the local com ports on the pc. Or you can type UART. and have access to the ezb uart stuff. Or type Servo. and see all the servo stuff.

It's nice that way :)

I would have deleted ezscript in ARC if there weren't so many projects depending on it. PTP had mentioned a translator from ezscript to javascript, but i did consider it... however, it'd be more work than its worth and may not actually work fully lol



I played a lil with EZ-Script tonight (to playing PC sounds)

Seems pretty cool to me, I tried pointing to filename, and using ControlCommand pointing to sounds loaded in the Soundboard PC. I'll stick with the Soundboard way for ease of testing/changing sounds. Got me pretty excited actually lol :-)  I can hear you laughing now - Noob! lol

I guess I should look into learning java (recommended by a pro) :-) but us old farts dont learn as quick as we use too :-(

Thanks again for your help and advice  love love

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I'm glad you are making progress. I totally understand the thrill of getting something like this to work and respond to your commands. It's neat to see something move or make noise that you created. Keep coming back and sharing what you're up to.

DJ, I can only imagine the work that would go into a EZ Script to Java Script conversion tool. I don't blame you for not wanting to undertake such a chore and especially if you don't know if it would even work 100%. God (and you) only knows what is going on behind the curtain of EZ Script. If there were such a tool it would help make learning JavaScript (for us stuck in EZ Script) a lot quicker and easier.  I do want to learn and need to find a good place for the computer language functional  illiterate like me to get started.


It’ll be important for everyone to know that ARC is JavaScript, not Java. Those are incredibly different things. If you’re going to learn java, it’s not JavaScript. :)

You can play the soundboard with JavaScript and audio files as well. It’s the same functionality, just with more features and much much faster. Over 10x faster :)

but, as I said, ezscript isn’t going away anytime soon so you can continue using it - don’t be surprised if you come across weird legacy bugs... I mean features haha

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I like bacon, I'm even more confused now.

Slightly off topic, bug hay, why not.

SCRIPT it is.

For now I guess I'll take the EZ-  way.

Bugs, hmmm, everyone needs protein

Sorry JD, couldn't resist :-)

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Hahah - oh my. I read that article and it certainly wouldn't help you. That article really didn't do anything to explain the differences. It really described "what the programming languages can do". And of course, all programming languages can do the same thing, so that's useless information.

What is a programming language A programming language provides you the ability to create a list instructions and operations. The computer executes the instructions in a linear list from top to bottom. If there's an instruction that loops, it continues to run those instructions within the loop until a condition is met. It's that simple. If the instruction is a condition (i.e. IF X = 1), then the instructions within that condition are executed.

How Do They Differ The difference in the name has to do with the syntax. Just like the syntax between german, english and polish. All of those languages have words for different things, but those words are different. That's the same as programming languages. Talking about C++ and C, even though they both have C in their name, use different words for things. The same applies to JavaScript and Java. The language itself uses different words for instructions, and different formats. The only reason Java and JavaScript have similar names is from a legacy coincidental scenario that happened a long time ago and is irrelevant to how they work.

It's That Easy It's seriously simple as just a different language of words. Just like a real spoken language. That's why they're called PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES. Because it's a language, with words :). The words are different per language.