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How To Stop Mp3 Playing

I'm teaching my robot to dance. It dances well, with sound servo v4 and mp3 files.
I need to stop mp3 playing, to give other commands or play other music.
The only way to do that I found is the stop button in the soundboard v4 control itseIf. I need to use some command , such as a speech recognition command.
How to do that ?


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The ez robot A.I Support Robot answered your question for you under Soundboard(PC/EZB) link... Then check the Soundboard PC & Soundboard EZ-B tutorial... It's extremely easy to do...
I saw the tutorials, etc. I already have the robot dancing with mp3 and sound servo. I start it by a speech recognition command. I know all that's needed for that.
I only need to know some script I can use to stop the mp3, without having to wait for the whole performance to end , or having to push the stop command in the soundboard control itself.
You would add a script to stop your sound board like this:


#PC Sound Board
ControlCommand("Soundboard", Stop)

#EZb4 Sound Board
ControlCommand("Soundboard", Stop)

Remember when you have a control added to your project, if you click on the Cheat Sheet tab from EZ-Script window it will show you available script example options for your control item, including the sound board. You can then click on the example line to add it to your script.
OK. Alan , you solved my problem.
I know the answer is somewhere in the dozens of tutorials, threads, etc.
But it's hard to find there exactly what I need to know , among a lot of useless or well-known information. Only an expert (or a guru...) can easily show the right way.
Sorry, Justin, your answer was perfect, but arrived late. I had already granted Alan as problem solver. Thank you.