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How To Properly Use The Project Configure Function

I have been trying to figure out how to use the project configure control. I need some help please. 1 what does load do in configure. doesn't the calibration get saved when I save a project"

2 I need to calibrate each end of the servo travel or just the middle or 90 position displayed?

3 how do I save each end and middle cal points?

4 what name if required will I need to use so when the project opens the cal values are also loaded?

thanks Neil


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I can help a bit.

1.Servo calibrations are saved in the running session, and must be reset every time you re-open your project to my knowledge.

2.You set the minimum and maximum travel values in the servo control. ARC automatically chooses the center.

3.The min and max values are saved in the project file.

4.When you load a project there is no name required. It's click and play.

I suggest you play with ARC a bit and get to know the software. It saved me from asking questions.

Good to see your working at getting to know the software Niel! Hope to see you helping around the forum soon!



Use a script (maybe call it init script) that runs when your ARC project opens... In this script you can use it to set servo speed and position, set variable values, initialize the camera, start tracking.... etc, etc....

$robotSpeed=100 # Random variable I just made up

setservo(D0,90)  # or any number between 1 and 180)

ServoSpeed(D0,1)  # this is an optional command to set the servo speed

ARC is full of examples on using scripts.... This is mostly how I learned


Ive Found That Having An Init Script In Even The Simplest Projects Is Incredibly Handy. Even If Its Just For Variable Declaration. Very Convenient Having Them All In One Place.


thanks for the script example


You use the configure tool to configure your servos to the desired 90 degree position. Just add the required offset to each servo that is needed to achieve as close to 90 degrees as possible.

The configure tool has a separate save and load function so that you may configure you're robots servos to 90 once and load the servo configuration file into other projects. This would save you the trouble of having to configure your robot's servos for each project you create.

Also, when you load a project it will ask you which servo config file to load with it. This would happen each time you open the project. I don't think you can tie a servo configuration directly to a specific project to avoid this so for now just select your robot's configuration:) otherwise click cancel to load no servo configuration

I hope this clarifies your concerns, please let me know if I can help in any way:)


I have not been asked for a calibration file when loading any of the example projects. also calibrating only at 90 degrees does not calibrate the end points which always need to be done.


Once you have saved one, it will start asking you which one to use when you load a project.


The example projects when you first load them won't ask you for a configuration file since there aren't any files saved.

If you have saved your configuration file and when loading a project it still doesn't ask you if to load it, you can manually load it from the configuration tool. Also, you might need to update your ARC to the latest version if you have the problem of it not asking you to load the config file