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How To Connect Ezb To A Create 2

I have been looking on the forum for a wiring tutorial for the ezb and create 2. There are a lot of ideas and very complicated ideas that seem to work but no simple tutorial to connect ezb to a create 2.

Please let me know if there is a tutorial or can you provide me with one.


Hi Jack,
The script does not have to exist in the Mobile Interface. Instead launch a looping script like this in the main interface and launch it with the Connect Control


$voltage=20 # default value
uartinit(0, 1, 115200) # Init UART
uartWrite(0,1,128) # Send Start(128) command

uartinit(0, 1, 115200) #have to clear the buffer

uartWrite(0,1,142,22) # Voltage check command

uartWrite(0,1,142,46) # Light Bump Left Signal command

uartWrite(0,1,142,47) # Light Bump Front Left Signal command

#*** Add other sensors commnands here ***

$rx = UartAvailable(0, 1) # Read UART
print("******* $rx= " + $rx)

if ($rx=6) # number of return bytes expected **** be sure to bump this number when more commands are added ***
$RX_DATA = UARTRead(0, 1, $rx) # read all the bytes from UART
print("$voltage= " + $voltage)

print("$left_signal= " + $left_signal)

print("$front_left_signal= " + $front_left_signal)


if ($voltage<13.9)
print("Low battery, attempting to dock")


Any variables that are updated in the main interface will show up in the Mobile Interface

Regarding your "night patrol", its a great idea that is waiting on the EZ-Robot Lidar release with navigation...

In the meantime, the only thing I can come up with is that lame approach I had using multiple docking stations and a script. Your script could just have it drive a pattern for a while like it was doing floor cleaning and then dock

The Roomba is actually pretty quiet when you remove the main and side brish moters and the vaccuum in the dust bin

Keep the Use Cases coming. I love the ideas

I have some GREAT NEWS for those interested in using Create 2 as a telepresence robot! Those of us working in the area are aware of the issue of waking the Create 2 while it is docked and trickle charging.

I've had extensive discussions with the iRobot STEM Program Manager and they said that pulsing the BRC pin only works if undocked. The agreed to send me a beta test version of firmware that resolves this issue and I can report that it works great!

Right now its still in beta so you will need to send an email to create@irobot.com referencing a post on another forum


to receive the firmware update which comes on a plug in transfer device called an OSMO

This is much easier than our previous approach of adding a relay across the CLEAN button contacts or a servo pushing that button or using an IR sender to wake up a docked sleeping Create 2

Hi Frank,

Nice work on the create2 ! Haven't had a chance to work with mine in quite some time. You have sparked my intetest to start working on it again !

You seemed to mention that EZ-Robot still plans to come out with their Lidar Navigation System. Is this actually going to happen? Still haven't seen the hardware items they said would be released quite along time ago. Also haven't seen any software updates of late. Is Ez-Robot still doing ok and have they switched completely over to focusing on the education side of the business. As far as the Lidar system they could have a cheaper version for the educational market and one for makers that has more capability. Thanks Much...Rick
Hi Rick,

Thanks for the feedback

I don't have info on Ez-robot's plans for the Lidar they mentioned a while back

Maybe @Jeremie could get us an update as that's the missing piece in my telepresence robot

Great news Frank! I remember when iRobot used to deliver firmware updates that way for the Roomba years ago:)

In terms of the LIDAR, usually silence means we're working hard on something;)

Wish I could say more:)
Hi Jeremie,
The new wireless Roombas like 690 or 890 can do OTA updates, but the Create 2 is based on the older units like a 650

Regarding the Lidar and SLAM, I anxiously waiting for you to break your silence:)