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How Do You Safely Transport Your Bot?

For me I like to make sure my Wall-E is well protected ;)

User-inserted image

Is a waterproof Pelican case a little overboard? I think not!



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Oh my! That is some serious transportation hardware!:) I think people would laugh if they saw how i carry my robots to presentations - in cardboard boxes! It's tough to find a case that fits the odd shape of robots. I'm jealous of your pelican case!
United Kingdom
HI Daman

Last time aegis went out :)

User-inserted image
@Steve_C is there a robot in the backseat?!
United Kingdom
He was a very naughty boy
Lol yup that's what I see dj , Bad Robot!
United Kingdom
But safely transported. :)
Cardboard boxes work for sure. At least you don't have to disassemble and reassemble each time you go somewhere. But I had the case laying around so figured, why not:)

Now to find a cop car laying around that I can use... Only a pursuit car would work... I'm thinking Lambo? Where did you get yours Steve_C? Auction?
United Kingdom
Hi Daman

To be serious im going to have a problem transporting my bot , it weighs about 185 pounds already.
And BIG. Im gona need a truck.

Wow 185 lbs!
yeah you'll need something big... or have it drive itself and meet you are your destination. I'm sure no one on the street would give that badass looking Aegis any trouble!
United Kingdom
I may make a trailer for aegis to take him to the local high school or the local summer carnival , Kids seem to like him alot. May be put a little show on . Just a thought .
That would be awesome! And then one day... Probably sooner than later... I build one similar and we meet up at a carnival and BAM!

User-inserted image

Real Steel becomes REALITY!

As bad as that movie may be, as a robot enthusiast, I loved it!
I think the time has come to have seatbelts for robots...lol
United Kingdom

wow just had a flashback to the 70's . After watching starwars i snagged a copy of the book.
When Han solo told them all to strap in , the book says that cp3o did'nt need to because his arms where far stronger than any seatbelt.

It all went blurey wobbly then. :)

United Kingdom

Not seen that movie yet , But it is on my list .