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How Do I Connect These Colors .Different Color Wires

does any has a foto how to connect the wires from roli on ezbv4.
i have a purple color green black blue white grey and power red/black
cant find a tutorial with these colors.


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is there a reason why all the robots use connection 0 ?

Because using a connection other than connection 0 adds complexity to scripts and objects that anyone who isn't using multiple EZ-Bs in the same project does not need.

so you need always two pc 's or two ARCs to open to use two ez robots.
so thats why some windows has no option to choose connection 0-1-2-3-4

i have a mecanoid using two ARC to use the robot,cause i cant use ,
connection 1-2-3-4 i use two ezbv4 one arms and head and one for Hbridge.
Hi all,
Thanks for information on the Learn section and the tutorials. I'm really familiar with these sections and I agree that they provide a wealth of information. In fact, I even wrote a tutorial myself


I think I should have phrased my question not as a "how do I?" but more as a "feature request"

I "wish" there was a way to browse a "titles list" of all the tutorials without having to scroll through this list which is not searchable


The closest thing I can find is in the community Forum Search, but even if I select "Tutorials" I get lots of non-tutorial results.

User-inserted image

Maybe add a way to select only tutorials?

You will ONLY get tutorial results by selecting tutorial during search. That's the way search works and why the option is there. Enjoy!:)

Also, to see a list of activities for your robot, visit the learn section. You can access the learn section by pressing learn at the top menu of this website.

The question marks on any control will bring you to help about that control - and include a list of relevant activities.

Lastly, when ARC loads, it prompts for you to select a robot. This brings you to the relevant tutorials and activities. Although you may have disabled this feature by typing NO LEARN in the disable option.

In the learn section, select your robot and a list of activities are on the left.
User-inserted image

Everything is linked together. Every activity. Every control. Every robot. All linked. This makes it impossible to avoid finding help. It takes effort to not use the help and activities. You actually have to try to ignore it :). I'm personally incredibly proud of the amount of help and activities that ezrobot provides - and specially proud of how it all links together. It's amazing the effort ezrobot has put into product education compared to anything else out there. With the robot program videos and a beautifully organized learn section. Automatic links in forum messages (they are in blue) that highlight when terms are typed like activities or ControlCommand() or Movement Panel etc etc.

There's so much integration between the software and website.

With a focus on so much product education, it's the reason so very few people visit the forum for support relative to the number of users. It's great! People are creating rather than struggling - unlike our competitors:)

Have fun!
so only me some others are constant on the forum.haha
cant help it .i dont see it .
You are absolutely right... Tutorial restriction works just as advertised.... I can't believe that I failed to click the search button AGAIN after selecting my search restriction..:( my bad

Thanks for all the great documentation and training materials

I understand your frustration in searching when you get loads of search results.

I suggest you try this approach first when looking for specific information... Use the search function with Tutorials checked which will direct you to specific EZ-Robot answers instead of forum postings.

For example search for Roli or even wiring with the Tutorial option checked and you will get results like this instead of 10's or 100's of results

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Of course, the lessons are also packed with useful information on Revolution robots


thanks for the tip.
sorry to bring this up again.stil have problems with the H-bridge .
mine left go's right and visa versa.only forwart and backwart is good.
is this pic correct ?

User-inserted image
Hello @Nomad,

Yes, both pictures are correct.
hi jeremie

i connected it same as in pic.same colors.

so is this pic correct?

thank you

User-inserted image
Yes, those are the correct ports for Roli.

Use this picture as reference to see if the motors are connected to the correct side of the H-Bridge:

User-inserted image

Left motor goes to the left side of the H-Bridge and right motor goes to the right side of the H-bridge.
yes thats the pic am looking for.but problem still same.am using a meccanoid,
robot .i put the wheels on the outside of the robot.
it gifs more stability.i think thats change the direction of left and right.

User-inserted image
Ah yes, that's the reason!

If you flip the orientation of the motor the robot will move in the opposite direction.
@Nomad you should just be able to reverse the wiring on each side of the H-bridge (ex: A wire to B terminal and B wire to A terminal) and the robot should go back to the correct functionality.

*Edit Just reverse the motor wires, don't reverse the power wires:D
okay i figured out thanks with jeremie.if you turn your meccanoid wheels ,
outside then use these pics.you have to switchs the wires from left to right,
and visa versa.

User-inserted image

keep the colors left side red on top black below.
right side is black on top red below

User-inserted image
Great @Nomad! Glad you figured it out!