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Horizontal/Vertical Servo Control

I ran into this once before and never did figure out exactly how I got it working. When I add either a vertical or horizontal servo control, I don't get a slider nor can I move the servo. Adjusting the settings moves the servo ok, but then there is nothing in the panel to move it. I'm sure it's something simple I'm overlooking.


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clicking and holding the white box with the number and moving the mouse up and down will change the position number.


The problem is that when I do that nothing happens. The box turns green and shows a black up/down arrow as long as I hold the mouse button down but the number stays the same and nothing happens.

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Check your servo settings... User-inserted image

Change the Min and Max for your required min and max positions. Click save. Click in the box with the number and hold the mouse button down. Move the mouse. Servo should move.

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A quick (and poor quality) video;

P.S. If anyone knows of a decent screen recording software that's free or cheap please let me know, it would be very handy.


Thanks. Everything seems to work fine in the settings box. I can slide the min/max numbers up and down, servos move to new positions, etc. But when I save and return to the panel, there is nothing to slide, change or move the servo. The number that shows is the same as I set it in the settings but won't change. I should say I haven't noticed anything else not working properly in ARC.

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You are clicking and holding the left mouse button on the box with the big 85 in aren't you? That is the slider. Move the mouse around while holding down the left mouse button and it will change the number.

Post your project file if you want confirmation that the settings are OK. I'll gladly take a look at it (although it'll probably be the morning now since I need sleep - it's late over here now)

If it doesn't then all I can suggest is you try reinstalling ARC.


I hate to be a pain about this... I reinstalled ARC and have same problem. Also installed it on another computer and have the same thing. Can't get the number in the white box to change from what I set it to in the settings box. When I move the cursor over the box an black up/down arrow shows up and then the box turns green when I click left button but number won't change no matter how I drag around.

Just to be sure I haven't lost my mind - shouldn't I be able to get a vertical or horizontal servo control working without doing anything except adding just it and connecting? I haven't used ARC for about a year. I'm using the latest release. Has something maybe changed in the releases this past year?


Make sure the values aren't reversed in the settings. Other than that I'm stumped.

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Post your project and I'll check the settings out.

The only other thing I can think of is there may be some multi servo settings in play. Check the multi servo settings too.

The video I posted starts a new project, adds the servo control, changes the settings and shows the control working. Those are the steps needed when adding a servo control, you must change the settings, by default it is set for a min and max of 50 which must be changed.