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Horizontal/Vertical Servo Control

Horizontal/Vertical Servo Control

I ran into this once before and never did figure out exactly how I got it working. When I add either a vertical or horizontal servo control, I don't get a...

Communications Auto Disconnect

Got a question. I was planning on devising some sort of dead man's switch to stop my 4WD Rover in the event it decided to run away from home, or at least out of my sight now that I'm using the long range Synapse RF modules. But, first I decided to see how it reacts if communications is disrupted while it is going forward. I discovered it does...

Help With Synapse And Xbee Rf Modules

Ok, after 2 days of netting the same results, I'm ready to ask for help. I had been planning on replacing my Bluetooth with Synapse RF Modules and decided to tackle it first thing yesterday. I have been using both Xbee's and Synapse modules successfully for a couple years with other microcontrollers. I also know how to connect and use USB FTDI...

Sharp Ir Sensor

Got a question. After getting my Ultrasonic module setup to handle front-end obstacles ok on my 4WD, I thought I would use an extra Sharp IR sensor I had laying around on the back end of my 4WD. Wouldn't want to back my rear into a buzz-saw... The Sharp sensor works as it should on the 3 ADC panels just fine. It also works ok on the Sharp IR...

Help Please With Video Camera

There may be a problem with EZ-B support's email. I have sent this to Contact Us twice in the last 4-5 days but have gotten no response. I don't have a spam filter on the email account I used at my end. It seems I have the same problem with my video camera as steve3624 and lordhotwing mention on the hardware forum. I don't see a posted resolution...

Can't Add Bluetooth Device - Resolved

I thought I would share this, since I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere on this forum. It really had me going for several hours. Got my new EZ-B, Bluetooth dongles and other stuff this morning. I quickly ran into a problem getting my new Bluetooth dongle plugged into my Win7 desktop PC to recognize the EZ-B. The drivers installed ok, and...
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