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Hololens And Ezrobot? Hey Did Anyone See The //Build 2015 Presentation Yesterday

Here is a short clip of the section on HoloLens and Raspberry Pi 2

I can't wait to get my hands on a HoloLens and try to use it with our JD!

Amazing possibilities!

I have Windows 10 running on a dual boot rig now.

Wondering how to get started without a HoloLens or dev kit.

Mabye new info today during the HoloLens developer talk

Developing for HoloLens 2:30PM to 3:00PM with Alex Kipman


Upgrade to ARC Pro

Unleash your creativity with the power of easy robot programming using Synthiam ARC Pro


I'm really hoping to get my hands on a hololense! Microsoft seems to have great API's for it. I'm excited


with this technics you can make your dream-woman like in this movie: The 6th Day with Arnold Schwarzenegger haha:D

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Smarty, isn't that what we all want? LOL!


OH MY! The world is going to change again.... Life as we know it... is about to get extremely interesting! Imagine the possibilities for design, exploration and countless other things.


wow I want to learn how to develop this instrument. I definitely believe in HUD's and augmented reality world. I guess Iron man was motivational.


Oooh... Anthony isn't going to like this.... Now everyone can create, design and print they own 3d robots or whatever. No need to buy or learn expensive 3d design software anymore....

Still, I absolutely love the idea... but I will believe it when I see it... pun intended:P


I can't wait for this schitzophrenia inducing awesomeness!


Geeks will be dying of malnutrition and dehydration due to being so immersed in design or game play they will forget to eat and drink. :P


@rgordon ...Ha, ha...yep....they'll be dropping like flies....:P


OMG! Anyone know when this is due for release? @DJ you gotta get a hold of one.


No word on a release date - a person at Microsoft corporate I spoke to said there's 100 prototypes floating around the company. It would be amazing if we could get on the developer list. Although the Microsoft corporate person did respond yesterday saying " don’t think there is yet a great story to bring up to corp,.." about ezrobot. So they don't seem to think our platform is anything revolutionary compared to arduino, apparently. That's what the reference was to.

Low confidence that Microsoft will lean our direction. Oh well:)

Guess Microsoft's more impressed with this robot than amazing ezrobots built by everyday people that actually do something.


I am not surprised , Microsoft is looking for companies they can influence to further his own interests.

Share a vision ? I do not think.

By the way is there available an EZ- Robot logo STL file ?

I would like to display it prominently on my Inmoov so every one will know about it.


@Aerius Send me an email (it's in my profile).. I have a couple of ez robot logo stl files I can send you...


Well thats disappointing. When you get a response like that, makes you wonder if they are working on their own robotic development. They said in a talk I saw that they have 1000 3d party developers, youd think these people have a hololens to work with?!?!


Aerius can you share the STL files with me as well? You can upload them to the forum as an Attached File

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To be 'fair' to Microsoft I think they are just demonstrating that Windows 10 running on Raspberry Pi to support IoT. They also support using Windows Phones as Arduino 'stacks', rather than actually running W10 on Arduino itself.

I guess if you could persuade or help Microsoft get a W10 IoT build into EZ Controller that would be great, but you would have to bend towards their architecture. But the EZ Team have provided the Visual Studio centric UniversalBot, an open source Microsoft Windows Universal EZ-B v4 Robot & IoT Controller SDK for developing Universal Windows Robot Apps (UWP) that run on Windows, Windows Phone and Raspberry Pi with Windows 10 Core.

As for HoloLens, its probably some way off, as the stage demos are very misleading on the actual FoV experienced by the existing headset wearers. Hopefully this will improve in future, but I suspect a couple more years still off.