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Hey Guys Any Way To Convert This Arduino Script Into The Ezb V4 Platform?

There is a company in india making these awesome cheap boards (way cheaper than using sabertooth) that turns dc motors with encoders.
Into positional servos. 
They have arduino code already and I am wondering if this can be translated into the ezb v4 platform thanks
here is the link 
Or do we have script templates already for this?

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Actually I was just going to mention something like what @DJ said... why not just use the arduino to be the servo controller since you already have the code for it anyway. Then have the ezb4/Arc call the shots? You would need to add something like an interrupt to the arduino so you can send it Control commands from Arc....
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Cool thank you.
So the script is stored on the arduino (slave) And the EZB will just trigger any arduino script. Super nice
There is a tutorial on here to talk to an arduino so its pretty straight forward from now on
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Dj Sures

The tutorial was to turn an arduino into an EZB. That is awesome I know a few in the past have asked for this

Could you give an example on how to use an Arduino as a slave and how the ezb triggers any Arduino script?

If you have time
Thank you
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Hi animator28 , what they are saying is correct. 

I don't know how to  use an Arduino as a slave and how the ezb triggers any Arduino script,

But I use the Arduino with the ARC software with many of my projects with servos, makes it EZ :-)

How many motors do you have to control with the encoder wheel?

also, i do have a slight concern with the encoder wheel as a servo. While it’ll kinda work, there’s going to be a margin of error. And over time, it’ll move out of position. And each time you use it, every encoder wheel servo will need to be recalibrated. 

if you could add a potentiometer to each joint, as Richard r pointed out, it’ll be more reliable and easier to use. It’ll decrease setup time as well. 

my recommendations for that is to connect a servo pcb to a more powerful hbridge. This gives the hbridge the ability to become a servo.
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Oh ok

Yea getting out of sync over time is not an option.  Each Motor has the encoder built in

Taking a servo apart and using the board to connect to a pot then the hbridge

You guys are right its just quicker 

Thats really cool

I will probably just do that

It seems in robotics there are many different solutions to a problem