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Help Identifying 20 Pin Io

Hey guys I'm trying to see if anyone can identify this 20 pin IO male and female connector. Its super tiny. It connects a camera to a PCB board. I'd like to add a ribbon cable between the two pcbs, and I hope this in not OEM from the manufacturer. The camera is called Chat Cam from Digital Innovations.

Here are a couple pics. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It looks to be 1mm pitch, 13mm wide.

Male end User-inserted image

Female end User-inserted image

Size User-inserted image


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Find your cable:

Why did you show the caliper measuring the width of the PCB and not the actual connector?


those look like the Samtec connectors we use at my job now.


Thanks everyone. In the end after a box full of cameras I went back to an ELP camera that I didn't think would fit. Well ya know what! A lovely load of grinding and patching and sanding got a pretty good fit.

One issue I had was once the camera was in place you could still see a little white halo around where the silicone skin was. I've ground enough plastic to get it to fit without the halo effect. Not pretty but functional.

Thanks again.