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Heavy Duty Servo Sold On Your Site

Alternate power source if connected to the EZ-B

How does one do this?

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Check Melvin's project showcase. In there I have described how I have provided a 6v external supply to some servos.

You know what, I'll make it easy:)

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So as I understand it, It servos will draw power from the external battery as needed? Is it just that simple? I understand that to use dc motors you also need a motor control board. But for servos you basically just hook the power lines to an alternate power source? I know the EZB uses 12 / 5a? What would be a good source for powering the Heavy Duty servos? Thanks in advance.


The voltage regulation is done onboard the EZB and whatever voltage is applied to the EZB the actual voltage available to power servos is 5 volts. Some of the heavy duty servos require 6 or more volts to operate so a secondary voltage source is required to power them. One thing to remember is that the ground plane should be shared with the EZB common ground and the external power source ground.

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My servos are powered by the same LiPo battery, via a 6v 5a regulator. This is enough for the 2 servos I currently have, when I add more I will add more regulators too. If you scroll through the images on Melvin's project on the first post there are some schematics which should show how I've sorted out the constant 6v supply to the servos.


Wait a minute Rich did you make something to eliminate an H Bridge or am I just having a case of wishful thinking. confused

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Wishful thinking I'm afraid. Well, kinda... There was an idea floating around to use a servo's guts to drive a motor, which would use 1 port per motor and give both forward and reverse direction... The issue with that would be the power draw on the motor, but that's as far as I took it.


That would be interesting to look into.

I can see the headline now. "Ez-robot inc. and their members control a DC motor with servo guts"

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Oh it works, I did it with Melvin's eyes but it was only running a tiny motor (and I opted for a different method in the end).