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Hdd Servos

Is there a US authorized retailer that sells the new HDD servos.

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United Kingdom

I mailed Robotshop about stocking the HDD servo, here in the UK/Europe, also in the US, and said they would have them in stock in 2 weeks, but that was about 6 weeks ago, and still don't have them, only seems to have the old ones on there website?


Roboshop Canada have them already.

United Kingdom

Giles, I can't see them on their website, even if I switch to the Canadian site, all I see is the: EzRobot Heavy Duty ServoProduct Code : RB-Ezr-17 which if I'm not mistaken is the older HD EZ-Robot servo?

Cheers, Chris.


Trying to get them from US retailer to reduce shipping costs.


Our dollar is 0.75 to the US atm, every time i buy a robot from the USA, even if its $25...end the end its a $100 robot once you factor everything in.

I think we what we spend on robots, etc shipping is totally irrelevant.

Best thing with shipping is its very fast even to here, and when you want to build, you want the main parts you need as soon as possible, especially for me seeing as i'm about to start my first build, they can't get here fast enough.

All i know is, after showing people what i have in mind i have a few robots to build now, so next order will have to be bulk to save on shipping haha...oops there i went and did it.:D


After what ive seen trying to find ez-robot products here..i think ez-robot could do with a much better australian supplier that caters for everything.

Sounds like the USA could do with the same?


RoboShop canadian supplier is delivring HDD servo even if the part # and image show HD servo. I have receive in my last 2 orders HDD ezrobot servo


Ez-Robot does not have a re-seller in the US that consistently stocks all their existing models and parts. I can't find anyone with consistent stock of items in the US. The existing ones need to increase stock. promote, fast ship and sell Ez-Robot products and parts. From what I hear several of you are having the same problem.

I just ordered over $100.00 of EZ-Robot parts and had to pay $26.00 for freight. I would of had to pay the same amount if I ordered a $9.00 part. I also have to wait three weeks for arrival of my parts. Your retailers could even charge a little more in the US and everyone would buy their items here. It would still save money and ship time on each order.

I really hope they find new retailers or require better service of the ones they have. Even Ez-Robot could sell and stock them on Amazon to make things better. It would be a great improvement over the existing system.

Even I could sell them on Amazon Prime and have Amazon ship them.

I really like Ez-Robot, its people, products and software. I just wish they were as readily available in the US as their other competitors.


@Ellis, $26.00? What would you consider a fair shipping price that you could live with? A small flat rate USPS Priority package ships for about $10. However you're still paying $10 to ship that $9 part.

I just checked; a $15 USD EZ Robot HDD servo bought through USA RobotShop can be shipped as cheap as $3 USD (Mail Innovations. That would probably be a very long shipping time). UPS ground is $9 USD.

So what's the answer? Push RobotShop to carry more stock? Keep sending emails and bug them. LOL. ;) Sadly it's expensive for business to carry too much stock. Some just wont do it. They base their stock levels solely on demand and nothing else.


Ez-Robot should sell and stock on Amazon Prime.

I think with Amazon Prime users would pay more for the item.


Amazon prime was discussed before and DJ shot it down. Can't remember what the reason was but it made scene.


That is his prerogative.


@Ellis- your happy to pay more for a product...if for example you were buying from amazon, but not happy to pay the shipping costs?

I'm sure ez-robot passed on having their products listed their for a very good reason.

So for me personally no...i wouldn't pay more for an item from a company like them for shipping convenience.

You only paid $26 freight for something to be sent from Asia to the USA, thats a great deal i believe. :)


@NEWAGETOMY, where did you get the idea that I'm happy with paying more? I'm just quoting facts of what is and what happened. I never stated my preference.

Personally I'd love to see EZ Robot start selling through Amazon Prime. In fact, in the thread I referenced I think I'm the one that brought up the question.

If you don't want to buy this product because of the shipping price then don't. That's your decision and It's up to EZ to set up their business any way they want. Perhaps if they see more people not buying because of high shipping costs they will find a way to bring down the costs if possible.


Before i bought my kit from Hobbyking, they were selling them for a bargain, 28hrs after i bought it, the price went back up...a lot.

I know that's what hobbyking do if something doesn't sell for awhile, they slash the price because they can afford to, their a massive company.

When it comes to robotics its a niche market, you need someone with a love of robotics, not an introverted geek who sells nothing but kits...


As a reseller, here is the issue with selling the low cost items...

I make a percentage off of what I sell. A $25.00 item carries with it little incentive to stock and sell. A $430.00 item is much more appealing. It takes a large order for me to justify the shipping cost that I incur to receive the items, and then I have to stock them and then ship them. A few dollars doesn't make it worth the effort involved.

I would love to carry the lower cost items but it isn't really cost feasible without a large order. I suspect that this is the case for all of the resellers except for the really large ones. It isn't that I don't love robotics as is evident by all that I try to do to promote the EZ-Robot products. It is simply a time and money economics thing.


Hi Dave C., that makes total sense. Do you think stocking lower cost items but placing a minimum amount ordered is a viable option? Of course the item would have to be something that would be ordered at your minimum like maybe servos. I doubt however someone would want to buy 8 loTinys or whatever your price point would be.

@NEWAGETOMY, understood my friend. No worries. Sorry for the confusion. ;)


I plan on stocking the new servos simply because this is the largest likelihood of failure. I will stock them so that I can supply replacements in the event of a failure. I want to stock the IoTiny but it will have to be after the start of my class in August to allow funds to stock enough of them to make it worth it.

In August, my store will stock more products. Right now it isn't really feasible. Things are always on the horizon it seems. Hopefully in August I will be able to help alleviate the issue for those in the US.


@DAVE- All good not a problem. ;)

i think at the end of the day when it comes to ordering for our projects, best to think ahead and order everything in the one go if possible, because no one is interested in stocking parts, for as CR said, it's just not appealing enough.

If there are a few of you who all need parts, then a group order can help save on shipping, i see it done all the time on forums, etc.

There's not many active australians here, say if a few were and they all needed parts, then i would simply organize a group order. After what ive read, and if i lived in the USA, then i would be ordering parts and ship them at a flat rate, for i know they would all sell eventually.

Profit wouldn't be a factor, it would be about keeping everyone happy. Guys into FPV here have on-line shops, but sell at a very low margin, it simply keeps their hobby alive and their getting their parts for cheap, some even do it as a second job.

I just had parts arrive today from ez-robot which i had ordered on the 1st May, and today is the 8th May.

I chose the cheapest shipping option because i am waiting for my other parts to arrive which are going to take another week, so i can't believe they came so fast, very*cool*