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Hdd Servo Lifting Weight In Pounds

Afternoon All

According to the product specs the new HDD servos can lift up to 19kg. I used several online converters for kg to pds and it came out to 41 pounds. Is this correct?


D. Scott


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That would be 19kg-cm or not 19kg... You are confusing mass and force which are 2 separate units of measurement... You did however get the conversion correct... 1kg = 2.2lbs


Mulberry, did you understand the tutorial? As Richard said, that rating is kg at one cm. If your servo arm is 2 cm from center then you have half of 19 kg, 3cm is a third, etc. So divide the servo arm length into the rating at 1cm. Another factor is the weight of the arm itself which further reduces total additional weight it can lift.