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Hdd Micro Servo

Is the micro servo in the store HDD or still the standard version. I remember reading a thread where DJ said new ones were available soon. I don't want to order if they are not the HDD versions.


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thats awesome.micro HDD love it.


Ironically i have never had the old micro servo burn out... But so far the first batch of the new regular hdd servos i have 4 out of 20 I bought stop working within minutes... I haven't used the remaing 16 but i am not that hopeful... Early adopter is a rough road I guess... I want to buy more if they actually work now... I understand growing pains but i want to have confidence again with the hdd servos...



any reason why they burn out? or stop working.



Is there anything out of the ordinary you are doing with the HDD servos? I'm puzzled, I haven't seen any HDD servos fail myself, beside potentiometer issues. Are you are vibrating them extremely quickly back and forth in your code? What kind of load are they under?


Yeah would be good to know before i place an order for 15.


@Jeremie... Absolutely not... I am using it in a claw for a robot that used to have an old buzzy Hitec hs645 in it... It lasted years with the hitec... The symptoms are as follows..

All 4 servos did the following... sometimes under load, sometimes not... pure random

  1. the servo begins to only want to move in one direction only... e.g. upper or lower positions like for example 110 to 180... but won't respond to anything less that say 110... These are just example figures it could and has been vise versa...

  2. After that (a few minutes it won't move at all and the magic smoke gets released..

  3. RIP servo

Battery used 7.2V niMH Claw used as in picture

HDD servo #5 is now in this claw...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image



I don't have a 7.2V NiMH to test with, but could you try using a 7.4V LiPo instead to rule out the battery? I have no good reason for this change, it's just the only difference that I can see.


Worth a shot @Jeremie... i will swap out the nimh for a 7.4V li-Ion i have... will report back...



Jer, I’m guessing Richards hdd’s were part of the batch with potentiometer. Some of those servos just burn out immediately, like the two that I had. Because the potentiometer tries to move the servo past the stopper and poof smoke. There were also posts on the forum with a few jd’s where hdd servos poof’d because the joint would bend to the stopper. It’s one of the rarer outcomes of the potentiometer hdd issue with that batch. There aren’t many from that batch still around. Richard most likely has a bunch.


Ok... Good news after an experiment (sort of)... servo number #5 from a mixed batch of 20 hdd servos I bought on 2 separate occasions has worked flawlessly for over an hour including holding (under continuous load) for 15 minutes a water bottle... 30 minutes using a 7.4v Li-Ion and 30 minutes using 7.2v nimh... Anyway this servo seems robust... So it looks like not all of the 20 servos I bought are doomed to fail... Just unfortunately I can't tell the difference until I use them...