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Haven'T Seen Much Of Rich Pyke Today. Hope He Is Ok

Richard Pyke are you "ok" ? Hope you are not sick but just on a holiday.


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United Kingdom

I'm always about I just don't always respond;)


Mel, relax... he posted a mere 6 hours ago.... He lives in the UK so they are 5 hours ahead (of EST)... and he has a job so did it ever occur to you he might just be busy?

@Rich... Your Mother was worried about you....:P


Lol i assume Rich sleeps , but i dont know when.

United Kingdom

Weekends usually...

But since we are here, here's a little bit of useless and generally unknown info about me:)

My sleep pattern is totally screwed up. I live on 4 or 5 hours a night at best (sometimes none). I catch up on Saturdays and Sundays (usually).

There have been times where I have been awake for 72 hours straight, it's very rare however 48 hours is quite common... you get a second wind after 24 hours but then I find I act almost as though I am drunk come the 36 hour mark:)

The longest I have ever been awake, that I remember, is from 7:00am on a Friday until 8:00pm on the following Monday so 85 hours.

I have, however, had 1 to 2 hours sleep each night for over 2 weeks (including weekends) on a few occasions. More commonly when it's that little amount of sleep it's only for 3 or 4 days though.

I've been desperately trying to get some kind of routine going for the last 12 months or so however it doesn't work. While Jarvis tells me it's bed time and even shuts off the TV and lights, I know how to turn them back on.


Dude you need to sleep if you want to live a long life.... Is it that you can't sleep or you are just really busy with work? If it's the latter, I hope they are paying you a s**t load of money....

United Kingdom

It's neither. I sleep when I'm tired, I don't get tired too quickly. Some is work related however it's for the work I do for myself (I have a full time job and am self employed) which keeps me awake... I suspect I am a little bit of a work-a-holic:)


Go on vacation dude! Me and Richard will cover the forums. Go get some relaxing time. It ain't healthy to go that long without sleep.

United Kingdom

I'm fine, I'm fit and as health as a drunk smoker who drives everywhere can be:)

If you hadn't noticed I have dropped back a bit from answering forum questions, I figured after 250 questions answered I would give others the chance to grab a quick $3 store credit.

But I get plenty of time to refresh myself, I often go in to a state of deep relaxation and a kind of self hypnosis/meditation when I'm sat in the tattoo studio letting my artist pack ink in my dermis. I have plenty of time booked for that coming up so that's better than any vacation:D


@Rich- my sleep patterns are the same. I only sleep when my body forces me to. I dont care if im just watching youtube vids or interneting or what ever. I find it difficult to learn or accomplish anything while i'm sleeping. I know people who even take naps during the middle of the day. I understand some people need it but I feel alot of people are just sleeping their lives away. That or maybe they are just depressed and dont know it. I for one, love life and want to at least observe as much of it as possible. If the universe took more naps then maybe I would too. We seem to have quite a bit in common. You're like my smarter lost brother from the other side of the pond. btw- quit rocksmithing. Playing guitar is probobly the only thing I may have the advantage on over you. ... JK, you keep rocking!;)

United Kingdom

haha, I haven't played for months now but that'll all change tonight hopefully, I fully intend to get the "black widow" (custom black h-s-s strat) down off the wall, turn the volume up to 11 and put my neighbours through hell:)


@Moviemaker, you just crack me up sometimes.:)