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Hat Switch

Just wondering if there will soon be away to use my joysticks hat switch to control my cams pan and tilt. Ive have looked hard and tryed everything 3 times but i just cant seem to get the hat switch to show up anywhere in the joystick setting the buttons and all the other controls are there but not the hat switch.


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What's a hat switch?

You can control servos by selecting the servo ports and adjusting their range. Min is a number lower than max.


The hat switch is the little thumb controled joystick on the top of most joysticks some call it a POV stick or control this is the main joystick that i use Extreme-3d-pro-joystick

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Open joystick options, go to buttons, press the button on the joystick (or in this case stick) in the direction you want and it should highlight the button associated with it. I'd assume that "hat switch" is classed as 8 buttons.


its has no evect on the botton setting its a digatal controler just like the main joystick i have looked at though the settings and theres nothing in there at all for the hat switch control


Theres nothing in the logitech software to assign macros or keys to a hat switch direction?


the logiteech setting dont efect ARC at all allready thought of that