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Hasbro R2d2 Hack

Hello EZ-Robot community!

DJ Sures,

Have you finished the video tutorial for the Hasbro R2D2 EZ-Robot conversion? I just ordered your kit and plan on doing the exact same thing and was looking for ideas, opinions or how-to's considering you have already been through it.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

Doc Seuss


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Welcome to the site! Can't wait to see some pics.


I gutted and started on mine yesterday.

I'll snap some pics tomorrow of where I'm at.


I'm looking forward to learning more about your project, and DJ Sures tutorial, (if he makes one).


I think lumpy should make one;) im sure he has a good camera.


and if Lumpy's tutorial/procedure is clear and articulate , perhaps DJ might use it for EZ-B!


I have the raw video footage - thanks for the reminder:) I'll make time to edit it this week


Hi, any update on the video? I've been looking for it, but I'm guessing it isn't posted yet?

What's the delay, are you busy trying to run a business? :)


Hey All!

Finally got some time out in the garage. Sorry that thing called "Life" got in the way! ;-)

Some pics. (Sorry I didn't have my fancy camera with me)

Hasbro R2 in bits and pieces

User-inserted image

A close-up of my dome posts. This is how it is on my full size R2. Simply friction fits down on the (4) screw posts.

User-inserted image

L298 Motor Controller. Seemed like a perfect fit to mount on R2's center foot.

User-inserted image

Another view of R2 gutted.

User-inserted image

Back half of R2's body. I utilized the existing mounting posts and added a styrene plate for mounting stuff.

User-inserted image

A good view of the rear half of R2. I did some extensive dremeling and removed the whole battery compartment.

User-inserted image

Here we have everything fitted back together. EZ-B board mounted.

User-inserted image

Gutted dome. Note the black tipped posts. Those match my screws for the friction fit.

User-inserted image

Little buddy all back together.

User-inserted image

Heart beat...

User-inserted image

Another view of his almost complete internals.

User-inserted image

12V Lipo 1500mAH battery I've been experimenting with. Fit's in R2 and Wall-E easily. Doesn't seem to run the EZ-B very hot at all.

User-inserted image

Things left to do to R2:

  • Add Scorpion Mini speed control for dome rotation
  • Add serial MP3 card w/amp
  • Add Camera to dome eye
  • Add slip-ring to dome
  • Locate and mount Sonar

Hope these pics help other builders with ideas.