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Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope everyone and their families have a happy and safe new year!
Let the Revolution begin!


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I'm very excited for the Revolution to get underway in 2014! Happy new year to all:)
Happy New Year everyone, I am so ready to get the Revolution going, hopefully very soon :) Be safe everyone :)
Happy New year to all here in this community. I also am excited about getting the V4 boards but on a night like this it's more important for me to consider what's really important; Family, health and home. Take care of them and the good times will roll (that includes the day the new V4 board arrives at your doorstep). :)
Happy New Year!
United Kingdom
A little late but happy new year to all.

New years resolutions? Or should that be revolutions!:D

Mine, which will affect everyone here, less spoonfeeding from me. The help will be there when needed but be warned, I'm going to be pushing you to figure it out yourself and learn more which should improve your experiences. I'll also give everyone else the chance to get some of that credit for answering questions:) On the flip side, if something isn't too clear or the same questions keep popping up I do plan on attempting to clarify them through some in depth, clear and easy to follow tutorials.

Here's to a great 2014 filled with awesome robots from an awesome community and awesome company!
Happy New Year to all and I thank everyone who has contributed to this great Forum!:) and V4 cant arrive soon enough!