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User-inserted image I have been struggling to assign servo positions to my robot.

Old videos are either removed or are too old and doesn't seem to match the current software, so instructional videos look different and I'm simply having trouble trying to do something assigning servos.

Could someone please add a current link to current software that could help me?

As I've mentioned before it's been almost 5 years since doing this..last night i spent 3hrs trying to assign servos but i just couldn't do it, which was frustrating because i did it so easily years ago. It's intuitive up to a certain point, then i just don't know what I'm doing.

As mentioned previously all servos have been calibrated and the lower leg servos have been assigned through a multi-edit.

I don't know and can't remember how to drag the servo profiles to the image of the robot, unless i do that i simply can't proceed.

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So my problem is small, and a little embarrassing..I've either lost far too many brain cells or the new layout is simply confusing me. :{P

Oh my i have to-Press Add robot skill from the button ribbon bar in ARC?

If that is what i was missing...because when i read that it makes it out as though i already have a fully functioning robot and wanting to share it with the world..the actual robot skill.

I'm going to laugh if that is all it is.

\But yeah the words are deceptive it made me very hesitant to want to add a robot skill.

Funny how video and pics upload to this thread just fine....but not in the project sharing thread?

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Ok I'm hoping i have resolved this myself.

If i have, can i just keep posting progress pics and video here?

Because trust me nothing is working on the other thread.

I had to install Visual Studio Code will see if i can assign the servos now. :)

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I am having a lot of trouble with Visual Studio, i downloaded it and then i said i needed to add other things and those other things are too larger files to add, it wants C drive and C drive is full and it doesn't want to go to external drive.

So I'm back to where i started many hours later.

Having many issues with this...can anyone help me please?

Is there any video regarding Visual Studio installation?


I'm a bit confused, what version of Windows are you running? Did you install ARC "Teams" version? The "Runtime" version will give you trouble if you try developing with it. It's meant for running projects that have been developed already.

Assigning servos is the same way as it was, use the auto-position skill.

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Hi Jeremie, I'm confused also I'm running Windows10.

Yep i installed ARC Teams.

Ok so it seems i don't need the Visual Studio then that's great thank you.

Has been too long Jeremie, I'll keep going I'm sure I'lll work it out. :)

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User-inserted imageI am having trouble with this, i can't add any of my servos, My servo buttons are greyed out.

I can't take screen shots from the windows10 laptop so i can't show what I'm doing sorry. Has been years since I've used windows also so that's not helping.

So original problem persists, i can't assign any servos, it's like it can't see all the servos i created in the multi-edit hence the buttons being greyed out.

I'm going to start again. :)


User-inserted image Ok seems all my 10 servo edits for the lower body went no where judging by this photo.

This must be the reason i simply can't add servos...the servos don't exist even though i connected and named all 10 of them.

Thats ok...back to the drawing board. :)


Ah yes, I see what's happening, you'll want the port edit mode box selected in the upper right, then all will be as you remember it!


I just assigned all 11 servos for the lower body...but I'm still not seeing them.

Their all in my work space and i can't see them anywhere else...i thought i had it but it's still the same.

After i assigned the 11 servos i chose Auto Position, it wont let me check the Port Edit Mode.

When i select New Frame its says i need to select from the list below, but theres no list.

So still back to where i started, i cannot select/add servos to the project.


So i have no frame positions.

The box in the picture is empty on mine so currently impossible to copy frame positions to the clip board.

Does the EZB need to be turned on for this?

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User-inserted imageSo the box on the right with all the servo profiles aren't showing in my box, the box is empty. Can someone please tell me why the servos i have assigned aren't showing within this box for me?

I load the servo profiles into my work space, test each movement and save it. I re-centre the servo and move to the next one. I did that for all 11 their not  showing in the box and i can't even select a new frame. I wish i knew what was happening but i have spent the whole day on this and still after many hours I'm still back to where i started. I'm baffled.

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I'm still a bit uncertain about the verbiage you're using but here's a screenshot of Port edit mode being enabled and additional servos being added inside the AutoPosition skill. A frame must be selected to enable Port Edit mode.

Note that when you add multiple servos to the AutoPosition skill they all appear in the upper left, if you add more than one it will appear over the previous servo so you'll need to drag them away from the upper left corner one by one.

User-inserted image

A servo profile is a one-time calibration file that can be accessed in the menu. Project -> servo Profile section -> Calibration This should only be done once to fine-tune your servos to the proper 90-degree positions. You should only use 1 file for this and adjust it once, then load it each time you open your project for that specific robot.

A servo profile can't be accessed from inside the Auto Position skill. A servo profile will not be shown inside the Auto Position skill. The STAND frame will be your default frame that should be all 0, 90, and 180 degree values that you want to start building your other frames from.


This video should help, well i hope it does!


Ooh and OMG it just worked!

Thank you for the video..all i had to was click on STAND.:P

I'll be back to let you know if it all went well, but there's no reason why it shouldn't now, thanks again.:D


Excellent! I'm glad you got it, I knew it had to be something like that.

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User-inserted image.

So relieved to this again..can't believe i didn't click stand hence why the servo buttons were greyed out.  Fingers crossed for walking. :)

Oh it's a the title is wrong sorry. I always forgot the torso servo. :P

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I'm really glad you were able to work through the problems you were having. You really stuck with it. I'm impressed with your ability to keep going.

I'm really enjoying your new project page. Please keep posting as you progress. This is an awesome robot build!

Welcome back! It's good to see old friends.


Wow love that upper Robot Armour it wears in the picture, Will be cool when done!


@Dave-Hi Dave thanks so much, it's always the little things sometimes and happy i got through it, just trying to get the legs walking at the moment, challenging but fun.:) Will be posting progress along the way thanks again and good to see you too! :D

@Roborad-Hey thanks very much, long time no see how's your robot/s going?

It's looking very different now will add a couple of pics before he went under the knife. :PUser-inserted image User-inserted image


My current project the Terminator re design is waiting for UPS shipping to get across border of U.S. /Canada for parts coming from Texas. I guess these cross border shipments are still suffering huge slow downs. I actually do have a similar idea to yours on another project. I saved the skeleton for an old Robosapien 2 foot tall Media robot. Wanting to replace leg motors with HD servos and try to make it walk again!

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That will be a fun build for sure.

The Terminator sounds interesting..?

Shipping has been weird for awhile many people have lost their jobs so not as many people as their normally is.

In my country it's been pretty bad with postage, but i recently ordered something from China and it arrived in 6 days which was a surprise.

It has taken 5 days to have something shipped from up the coast here, it's all over the place at the moment.

I just did my first movements, just doing the splits and standing back up again...having so much fun now i can't stop and it's almost 2am. :D

I'm really enjoying learning how to get it moving and fine tune the servos, adding the frames has been great.

Challenging to get it to walk, sadly i can't move my servos when their under load otherwise teaching it to walk would be really easy, so just baby steps literally for now. :)


When I was first learning how to control multiple servos on my Giant Cylon project, I used the sample  for DJ's Hex robot and the hex Auto Position skill to understand how the servos could translate to my arm and neck movements. Made the whole learning curve so easy, I mean like DJ and Jer were amazing at the movements Hex 6 could do! I Simply re assigned the servo movements to the Cylon movements by adjusting the number values and then deleting the ones not needed.


Wow..i think you just made my learning easier thank you! And i was getting ready to get some zzZZZ's and it's almost 3am...I'll make a 4am curfew now. :D

I've got 5 servos for each leg so getting him to walk has been tricky, i stood up and walked whilst looking at myself understanding how his legs should be moving, i almost had him complete 2 steps but no where good enough so what you mentioned is going to help thanks again. :)

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Where did you find the example projects i can't see them?

Found them. :)


I think when you first turn on ARC the prompts ask if you want to see program examples. There should also be a link when you open the file saving to Synthiam cloud, I don't have it open here or I would know for sure, there is also JD walking sample programs you can check out on the Synthiam example cloud.


HI newagetomy

here you find the excamples .

User-inserted image User-inserted image


Hi Nomad i found them many thanks. :)

Hey Nomad, when i turned robot on this morning i noticed ALL the frames i created last night have gone or rather i didn't save them correctly.

I have to re-assign all 22 servos again. :(


Oh you likely forgot to save your project before closing down, sometimes I forget too and need to start over,LoL!


It's strange because ARC asks if you want to save before exiting so i chose SAVE and yeah no frames.

But after doing it once i re-did them all in record time. :D

It's pouring rain outside so perfect day to progress,..hopefully progress.

Instead of a sit i had him doing the splits, can drop 4" off it's height when he drops. :)


hi bolt

i save them on my pc and in the cloud . User-inserted image


Hi Bolt? :)

I realized why it didn't save 100% user error.

I'm going to close or rather mark this thread as resolved.

I'll attempt to do the project thread with windows, if that fails again I'll just keep posting here i guess.


If I may ask what robot kit is this?


I can't wait to see this robot walking around - he's so cool! Like a voltron or something