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Guys Name It.

This is the robot we made out of foam board... Inspired from Omnibot 3000... Guys please name it...

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Thanks a lot @DJ , She is 3 feet tall...


Wow @pranav, that's awesome! Great idea with using form board, should make your robot pretty light weight. What about the name Navbot 2500?


STSB Strong tall stylish bot.

Try acronyms that sound good.


That looks awsome! It is hard to believe that it is put together from scratch. You refered to it as "she." A feminine play on the name "EZ-B" could be something like. "Ezzibell."


Here is a short list of male names I could think of. I will try to give another list for female names soon:

Chip Alphie Cronos Zip Torg Huey Dewey Louie Proteus Hector Tik-Toc Evolver Weebo Bender Harlie Zeke Zac Zozo Robby Cye Solo Sid Lance Sparky Toky Zeebo Skeeter


Here is a short list of female names.:

Galatea EVE Lana Lesli Maria A.N.I. Elly Valerie Rosie Dot Elsa Naomi Pixie Rya Tina Jennifer Lucy Ping Demi Diana Alisa Electra


Those are all pretty good names... This is how the robot looks now...

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It was wishing everyone in my college this way... Many students were attracted to d robot...

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I would call it F.O.A.M.E.O.: Functional Operational Android Manufactured for Efficient Observation


FOAMEO is awesome.... I thought I would name her NOVA.. How is it guys?


Sounds good to me. Sort of space/futuristic like.

I'm telling you man, Nova's really getting to me. I want to make one!

Let me rephrase that: I REALLY want to make one!


Thank you @Technopro


Alexi 3000 ..... , lol it's not what you think though, it was the name plate on the tram that led into the hive in resident evil the first movie. I was watching it this morning.


Those are a lot of good names.

I liked Foamy.;)


How'd you build it? Wooden frame? Or is it all foam board?


It is all foam board...

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User-inserted image

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Here in India, it is 2300 rupees... That would end up at $30-$35 for the whole foam board... Used 5mm thick foam board for base and 3mm for the remaining shell...

I have lot of board still left out... So we're now making a hexapod, I can say a replica for DJ's SIX... I loved that bot...


@pranav , you should get the REAL SIX:)


Up here you get smaller pieces for twice the price sadly.:( Well, not all hope is lost. Maybe buy some board during the Christmas sales.:D

Did it take fairly long to build? I'm very interested so I hope you don't mind I'm asking so many questions.


Nope not at all @technopro , This community has taught me so much, this is the only way i can prove worthy of it... It took around 3 days to build the whole robot.. Coz we had to go to college and come back and work on it in the nights.. So it took 3 days... If you sit on it full fledged, it can be done in a day or two... Wouldn't be possible without a friend of mine named Pruthvi... :)

Josh, I come from a middle class family. I took home tution for 8 months to buy a EZ-Complete kit... I didn't have enough money to but an omnibot 2000 from ebay... So, built it from scrap... I love DJ's SIX and JD.. But I'll have to wait for atleast an year to make money for it.. So in the mean time, I would build one myself...


Very cool. You might just find a replica floating around soon!:D


Thanks @technopro ... These are some of the works of my friend Pruthvi who helped me complete the robot...

User-inserted image


I used 300rpm motors which have a torque of about 10 Kg-cm... I used an L298n motor driver to control them... Any more questions? Feel free to ask...


Do you have any links to the motors? I have an l298n on order so I'm good there.


I actually bought it from a local supplier... The whole bot ended up at some 6-8 Kgs... So, I selected the motors that have a torque of about 10Kg-cm...