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Guys Name It.

This is the robot we made out of foam board... Inspired from Omnibot 3000... Guys please name it...
User-inserted image


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Sounds good to me. Sort of space/futuristic like.

I'm telling you man, Nova's really getting to me. I want to make one!

Let me rephrase that: I REALLY want to make one!
Thank you @Technopro
Alexi 3000 ..... , lol it's not what you think though, it was the name plate on the tram that led into the hive in resident evil the first movie. I was watching it this morning.
Those are a lot of good names.

I liked Foamy.
How'd you build it? Wooden frame? Or is it all foam board?
It is all foam board...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Here in India, it is 2300 rupees... That would end up at $30-$35 for the whole foam board... Used 5mm thick foam board for base and 3mm for the remaining shell...

I have lot of board still left out... So we're now making a hexapod, I can say a replica for DJ's SIX... I loved that bot...
@pranav , you should get the REAL SIX:)
Up here you get smaller pieces for twice the price sadly.:( Well, not all hope is lost. Maybe buy some board during the Christmas sales.:D

Did it take fairly long to build? I'm very interested so I hope you don't mind I'm asking so many questions.
Nope not at all @technopro , This community has taught me so much, this is the only way i can prove worthy of it... It took around 3 days to build the whole robot.. Coz we had to go to college and come back and work on it in the nights.. So it took 3 days... If you sit on it full fledged, it can be done in a day or two... Wouldn't be possible without a friend of mine named Pruthvi... :)

Josh, I come from a middle class family. I took home tution for 8 months to buy a EZ-Complete kit... I didn't have enough money to but an omnibot 2000 from ebay... So, built it from scrap... I love DJ's SIX and JD.. But I'll have to wait for atleast an year to make money for it.. So in the mean time, I would build one myself...
Very cool. You might just find a replica floating around soon!:D
Thanks @technopro ... These are some of the works of my friend Pruthvi who helped me complete the robot...

User-inserted image
I used 300rpm motors which have a torque of about 10 Kg-cm... I used an L298n motor driver to control them... Any more questions? Feel free to ask...
Do you have any links to the motors? I have an l298n on order so I'm good there.
I actually bought it from a local supplier... The whole bot ended up at some 6-8 Kgs... So, I selected the motors that have a torque of about 10Kg-cm...