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Genuine Wii Remote For Ez-B

I have a stupid question. I would like to purchase a wii remote to use with my robosapoen ( EZ-B Board) from
Just want to make sure it will be compatible before I purchase it. I am not sure it it is OEM genuine remote or an after market.


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Yup. I use third party controllers. Because josh sent me a doctor who sonic screw driver for Christmas:)
Thank you for the quick response. Starting to wonder do you ever sleep.
I use some 3rd party Wii controllers and they work fine. $5/ea was a bargain at the time.
The iOS version of ARC includes a Wii mote button. My problem is that my iPad can't connect to the Wii mote via Bluetooth.

I tried web searches and it appears that the iPad needs to be jail broken to connect to the Wii mote

Am I missing something?
As per the manual, the wiimote button simulated a wiimote. You do not connect a wiimote to your device, as that's impossible due to apple's locked hardware support.

Use the wiimote simulator rather than an actual wiimote.

Wiimote is only possible with ARC for Windows.

Here is the manual page for the wiimote: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=154

You can access any manual page for any control by pressing the question mark on the control.
Not to get off topic too much, but I found another wireless remote method kinda.A
bluetooth mini keyboard. I use the Acer W3 tablet on Cy, and found the mini wireless keyboard as an easier alternative to typing and mouse movements on the tablet screen. By using the standard keyboard arrow keys I can at least control the general foward/reverse. The Wii wont connect to my either tablet,but I still connect a joystick if I want to go that route.:)