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Gas Motor Control. Just An Idea.Again.

So I asked this once in the past but I lossed the link.

If you took a gas motor with a manual throttle, how could you control it?

I know I thought of a servo controlling it but I think there might be some latency.

Any ideas, no matter how weird or wacky, are welcome.

(We're now on the path to the first ez-robot go-kart! :D)



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A go-kart huh? I hope you're current with the insurance payments. Sounds dangerous! I wouldn't think there would be latency if the servo was connected via a push-rod to carburator throttle and not the spring loaded foot pedal.


Yup , all rc gas or nitro vehicles use a servo for throttle.


As mentioned, servo on the throttle... There would be next to nil latency if using RC... More importantly, getting the go cart to stop should be a bigger concern... :P


Well brakes would be run by a servo too. After all, they are just wire. Not too much force would be needed for braking I don't think. plus you could setup a valve in between the fuel tank and the engine and have that as a safety connected to a servo.

I didn't think a servo would be a good solution but apparently so.

Thanks for the ideas!


I saw this thread and figured that my quarter scale RC (just short of 4' long) was accessible to take some photos. I know this is smaller then a go-cart, but the same principles should still apply.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I also had a fail safe on this in case it ever lost signal. Also the servo arm against the brake lever is a little low tech, some kind of linkage would be better, this is just how this unit was set up when I bought it.


Thanks for the pics! I'm just playing with the thought but it would be cool If I took my military jeep project(restoring to running condition to do off-roading), and set up ez-control on it.

Just me being creative! Tech


Just offering suggestions here but depending on your braking you can use a servo gearbox to get hundreds or even more that a 1000 oz in of torque for your braking.


This is definitely bigger then a go-cart.:) It sounds like you might want to look up some of the Myth Busters full sized RC car builds on the net, there will definitely some good ideas on how to do this. Good luck with this. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread to see how it goes. Just make sure you stay safe when it comes to getting this thing moving. eek