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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Galapagos Bot Strafe Button On Iphone

I'm not sure the strafe button works on the iPhone or iPad app. Can you tell me exactly what the Galapagos bot is supposed to do when I press strafe? Maybe I'm not using the button correctly?


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United Kingdom

It's not your fault, so no worries there.

It is supposed to make your Galapagous Bot move sideways. I just checked in the PC version of ARC to check it's Auto Position control commands in the mobile app interface, and the "Strafe" action and frames are actually missing from the Auto Position menu. That's why the strafe buttons are not working for you. There's nothing there for the buttons to execute...

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Hopefully DJ will see this message and add it in. Or if you're up for it, you could try and add a strafe action yourself using ARC PC. It shouldn't be difficault to do, and a good way to learn how Auto Position works.

Auto Position Control Tutorial
You could look at the "six" sample project to see what it is supposed to be doing and adapt it for the lower number of legs.

i notest on my iphone when you are connected and choose soundboard.v4
the forwart/left/right/backwarts/ works there.

for the galapagos
United Kingdom

Forwards, back, left and right is not the problem here. It's only where it's supposed to move sideways. The control commands for the strafe action are there in the mobile buttons script, but there's no Action for them.
mine doesn do it on the main page,forwart and backwarts left and right,
and strabe left and right.just wanted to let you know.
United Kingdom

Cool. No worries.:)
Jeremie is the creator of the galapagos bot, he might see this and make the strafe:) Not sure how it can be done because of only having 4 legs - it'll be an interesting challenge!

Although, you can give it a shot yourself as well. Now that you're part of the community, this is what we do:D make robots do stuff!
Thanks. I will look into programming the strafe buttons.