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Galapagos Bot

The strafe buttons do not work on the Galapagos bot ez builder app for the iPhone. Also is there a way to add a battery level indicator into the control panel, to be able to see a visual battery level?

Jd Iphone 6

I am having problems with JD losing wifi connection after several minutes of connection time. I am not in an over saturated wifi area and it happens every time after a few commands are executed successfully on the iPhone 6. Everything is updated. The only way to get connection is to power JD down and reconnect. When I operate JD from my laptop...

Galapagos Bot

I have checked all of my servo alignments and they all appear to be correct. They all have clear movement and are properly aligned but I notice when the bot walks some of Servos jump and skip movement. They sometimes are not fluid. I have held the bot in my hand and tested the movement and they still skip. Is this normal? Should they always be...
Galapagos Bot Strafe Button On Iphone

Galapagos Bot Strafe Button On Iphone

I'm not sure the strafe button works on the iPhone or iPad app. Can you tell me exactly what the Galapagos bot is supposed to do when I press...

Iphone 6 And Ipad 2

I have the Galapagos bot and I have loaded the iPhone app, when I use the iPhone app everything connects to the robot but the control all go crazy and the diamond arrow controller does not work. When I use the iPad 2 with iOS 7 the app works better. The bot will walk but only if I go to the controller tab. All the tabs respond correctly. But on the...
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