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Friday Night Chat - Come Join In!

If this is ok with the DJ & the EZ-Robot Community; I was wondering if we could have a

                         Friday Night Chat - Come Join In!

                                   Friday March 9, 2012
                             9pm EST - Eastern Standard Time 
                               This event repeats every week
                  where: <a href='//' target='_blank'></a>

Greetings everyone;

Come join in the group chat and see what other builders are doing. Ask questions and get info about your build or just say hi!

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i found Wall E

it took some time but i found him lol

cool idea i will try to be there


ha ha ha

If we all ever get to meet at a up&coming "EZ-Con", we should gather all of our EZ-Bots for a photo just like that...


That sounds cool , ill be at work but maybe I can sneak some conversation:)


I would try but it will be 5am and I wont be on the computer until 6 (or 10pm your time)

Ooops nevermind. I cant from work anyways.


Yeah @GotRobbed !!! haha!... we can share our Ideas to do of EZ more powerful !!


I hope to be there and be "square"! :D

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