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Foul Play At Ez Hq?

Looking at the live cam pictures could there have been a "murder" at EZ.
According to the marked outline on the floor a strange "being" indeed!


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That's a little track we made for a robot program episode:)

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elementary my dear doc watson.;)
He was killed with a inmoov and the weapon was a box of HDD servos over the head.
i hope nothing has damaged the HDD ;)
In a mysterious set of circumstances, one member of the Barbapapa family was suddenly taken from this world. It was very strange that the body was found at a robot business in Calgary, AB, Canada. Here's a recent picture taken of the family:

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This just in:

The Barbapapa family was relieved to discover their missing family member enjoying a short vacation in Ibiza; he simply got "caught up in the party" and forgot to let them know.

In related news, McDonald Corp. announces the demise of their spokesperson Grimace. Police ask citizens to be on the lookout for a short male that mumbles wearing striped clothes and large hat, seen in the company of a clown. Both are persons of interest.

This picture of Grimace was released to the press:

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