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Reversing A Servo

Hi all. I want to reverse or invert direction of a servo. Have tried checking and unchecking the invert direction box in servo control. Yes I have assigned the board and port and saved the settings. I am obviously having a senior moment so can someone point me in the right direction? Regards to all.

Hdd Servos With Feedback

@DJ Great new servos but just wondering if servos with feedback could possibly be in the pipeline.
Foul Play At Ez Hq?

Foul Play At Ez Hq?

Looking at the live cam pictures could there have been a murder at EZ. According to the marked outline on the floor a strange being indeed!

New Hdd Servos

Just received my upgrade HDD servos,(super quick delivery from supplier) and they are fantastic,no buzz and no worry of burn-outs. Would recommend to all. Well done EZ-robot.
Robot Only Turns One Way

Robot Only Turns One Way

Afternoon All. I am using Ultrasonic radar which scans and displays reds dots ok. Also 4 wire H bridge which operates in all directions ok. But when used together the Bot...

Ultrasonic Radar

Hi. Using Ultrasonic Radar with HBridgePWM it seems that unless you have a 1-180 degree sweep of the HC-SR04 it only asks the bridge to turn one way. I have tried different sweep angles with no success. I would like a sweep of 45-135 degree. Anybody know the answer to my problem?

Ultrasonic Radar Servo

I am using an ultrasonic radar plugin with my omnibot and the sensor works well however the sweep of the servo is extremely slow . The servo is an EZ 180 one. Cannot see any way to increase the sweep speed. Be grateful for any suggestions.

Djs Autominous Omnibot

Anybody tell me where to find code etc for DJs Omnibot. Checked out his great videos and plan to convert one.

ARC On Mobile Device

Will the ARC work with all commands etc on windows 10 tablet.

Jerky Servos

I have constructed my version of jd robot using EzB-v4 ,7.4v Lipo and hi torque 7.4v servos. Works well but the servos are jerky. They work fine individually. Any ideas? confused

Servo Mosfet Replacement

I have two servos which have blown mosfets in spite of my careful use. Does anybody know the identity of these. I would like to try and repair them rather than let them go in the for spares drawer.

Ipad Air Connecting To Ez-Bv4

Until two days ago had no problems connecting IPad Air to Ez-Bv4 in either mode AP or Client. Now all goes well until you hit the connect button and the controller beeps and the red light comes on. No servos are connected and the Lipo is fully charged. I have two Ez-Bv4s and cannot get either to connect. Up till now it was a doddle but am I...
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