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Foscam 8910 White Wifi Ip Cam Recording And Live View

I have a foscam i am considering using for zero rover. 8910 pan and tilt model. I need to be able to both access the video stream live and record as well. I can access it through the network by directly typing in the web ip in the local network and view the cam but im having a problem accessing it through anykind of other software. Help? Thanks

Specs for cam :

ModelFI8910WResolutionNoColorBlackWeight1.5000Image SensorCMOS SensorDisplay Resolution640*480 Pixels(300k Pixels)Lensf: 2.8mm, F:2.4 (IR Lens)Mini Lumination0.5LuxLens TypeGlass LensViewing Angle60 DegreeInputBuilt-In MicrophoneOutputBuilt-In SpeakerAudio CompressionADPCMImage CompressionMJPEGImage Frame Rate15fps(VGA), 30fps (QVGA)Flip Mirror ImagesVerical / HorizontalLight Frequency50Hz, 60Hz or OutdoorVideo ParametersBrightness, ContrastEthernetOne 10/100 MBPS RJ - 45Wireless StandardsIEEE 802.11b/g/nData Rate802.11b: 11Mbps(Max.), 802.11g: 54Mbps(Max.) 802.11n: 150Mbps(Max.)Wireless SecurityWEP, WPA, WPA2 EncryptionPan/Tilt AngleHorizontal: 300° & Vertical: 120°Infrared Light11 IR, LEDs, Night visibility up to 8 metersDimension8 x 5 x 6.5 inGross Weight0.7 Ibs (Color Box Size: 5 x 4 x 5 in)Net Weight1.8 Ibs (accessories included)Storage Temperature-10°C ~ 60° (14°F ~ 140°F)Storage Humidity0% ~ 90% non-condensingCPU2.0GHz or above (suggested 3.0GHz)Memory Size256MB or above (suggested 1.0GB)Display Card64MB or aboveSupported OSMicrosoft Windows 2000/XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows 8, Mac OS, LinuxBrowserIE6/IE7/IE8/IE9,Firefox,Safari,Goolge Chrome,other standard browsersCertificationCE, FCCWarrantyLimited 2-y

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When using other software, you might need a port number. Also, the software has to be able to open the stream file type. Try VLC.


Do you use blue iris stelmobarry? I know Rich has this camera or a very similar model , im wondering how his is setup. In not a network cam wiz.


That's what we use for the office I think. I wrote a driver for it but haven't put it in ARC yet


Sweet , so a driver that controls the pan and tilt as well from ARC? That would be fantastic !

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Foscam cameras can be controlled by HTTPget() and the image streamed from http://IPADDRESS/snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]

Some don't give a jpeg stream, I am not sure about that one specifically as I don't have one to try but it's worth a try in ARC.

Grab a copy of fiddler and reverse engineer the web page, grab the urls used for the pan and tilt and use those with HTTPGet() to move the camera.

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You'll need to use the snapshot url (as previously mentioned) rather than videostream. ARC requires a jpeg stream not an actual video stream.

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Not to sound too big headed but I usually am right;)

I have a few foscam clones which I used to use for various things, one was for a live stream over the internet for remote monitoring. Even with the videostream.cgi page I was using the snapshot.cgi as I found it was more flexible. I'm pretty sure I still have one of the cameras running on that too... (just checked, yes I do)

Using some nifty php, html and javascript I had one image that constantly refreshed every second or so with overlays of important information on, this made it easy to monitor my home from anywhere just using any browser (my new system requires VLC or a third party app to access the video streams so not as mobile or flexible but more secure, accurate and has a much better DVR).

The image looked like this (excuse it pointing at my kitchen window, it's now used purely as a deterrent as my other cameras are much better hidden)

User-inserted image

That is made from a PHP web page which overlays all of the useful info on it like alarm state, ups state etc. This particular one was a trimmed version however still has the dynamic glyph in the lower left (all the coloured bits mean something) and the overlay in the lower right.

I mention all of this as I had originally planned for this to be used along with a robot, the PHP page works in ARC and with the overlays it added an extra element to the robot with it's remote operation over HTTP server and with it's recorded videos.

If having overlays is something of interest I'll gladly dig out the code I used for it (however note that the data on the overlay partly comes from Jarvis and therefore would require a lot more programming and, if anything like my Jarvis, about 4 extra PCs)


@lamachine, Playing it on what inside ARC?

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The camera control. Manually type the IP Camera's URL into the Video Device box, hit return, boom, IP camera is displayed on your camera control and fully usable.

It also works for public IP cameras, or any JPEG stream for that matter!


Hmmm, now to get the foscam's pan/tilt to work in EZ-B

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HTTPGet() along with the URL for pan/tilt control works;)

I'm not sure of the exact urls as they are on my laptop which is currently out of action but use a sniffer tool to look up what urls are being called when using the buttons in the foscam web ui. Fiddler is what I used.


@pacowang , playing with images inside ARC. I don't actually have my robot yet (stage 4 and tracking on DHL), but totally fascinated by the potential.

@Rich , It's not bragging if you can back it up. I have several of your posts and checked out your web page already. Great stuff.

Jarvis intrigued me because I used a python program on rPi to run a halloween video display. I love open API tools, and will be looking into that after I get my bot running.