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Graduated 1981 St. Elmo Community High School, St. Elmo, Illinois (pop. 1465) Graduated 1983 Lincoln Trail College AAS Petroleum Technology Graduated 1992 Manatee Community College AA Barry Coughlin PSM #5175, tested October 1992, in Daytona Beach, Florida, licensed February 1993. Took Illinois exam October 1993, licensed February 1994 President Little Egyptian Chapter Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association 1996 and 1997. Received Lifetime Membership Award 2004 Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association. Diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease, June 11, 2001, prognosis 2-5 years to live. Still alive and kicking, although not very hard, January 2014. Published Living the Dream, a historical fiction novel, August 2008. Currently working on The Legend of the Golden Bell, sequel to Living the Dream, a historical fiction novel. Expected release date fall 2014. Typed entirely with Windows On-screen Keyboard. Guest columnist for the St. Elmo, Devonian Newspaper.


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Roli Needs A New Home

I am sorry to say the Roli and I must part ways. Although I have survived ALS for over 13 years it is kicking my ass and it looks like I will be moving into a skilled nursing facility in the very near future and Roli isnt welcome nor do I think he would like a there. He is fully functional and I can leave him that way or I can have him disassembled...

Roli Taking Off On His Own

I control Roli with my Windows 8.1 64 bit desktop computer in client mode through my home network because the EZ-B4 is not being picked by my desktop for a direct connection. When in the stop position using the H-BRIDGE control Roli will suddenly take off! I have a network that has usually 6 to 10 wireless devices attached. Is it interference? Is...
Are Rolis Shipping?

Are Rolis Shipping?

Anyone get a shipping conformation email for Roli yet? Supposedly they started shipping the week before last. I am being patient and this isnt complaining so Rich and Richard I know...
Is This A New Roli?

Is This A New Roli?

Is this a new Roli or an older prototype? Just getting a little excitedly impatient, not in bad way. Friday 10/17/14 3:30pm CST
Remotely Power On Or Off Revolution Robots?

Remotely Power On Or Off Revolution Robots?

Hello - I am mostly paralyzed from Lou Gehrigs disease and I wont be able to turn my Roli on or off to use it when I am home alone. My...

Brookstone Rover And Windows 8.1

I have done the search and found that some people have problems connecting their rover to Windows 8. My problem is that it never appears in my wifi list. I have a netbook that has Windows 7 starter and it appears in the list. What is it about Windows 8 that I need to change? I have tried disabling my antivirus software, windows fireball etc. I have...
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