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For Jazzy Wheel Chair Owners

I turned the wheelchair over and got to the back of the motors. (phew! what a job!) I found white and yellow wires going to the brake. I clipped them. Have I done enough. This looks like a MONSTER of a job to remove the brake.

Please, any input would be appreciated.



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Moviemaker, No. Usually you have to apply 24vdc to those 2 wires to release the brake. If you can post a picture of your set of motors I would be glad to help you through the removal of the brakes. There are several different models and a pic would be helpful. I have 2 different sets of these motors, one set for shoulders, and one set for motion.


ok, thanks kamaroman. It will take me a while before I can build up enough energy to turn that sucker over again. I have a bad heart. It may be a few days. I have already cut the wires going inside of the brake. I sort of understand that the brake works when the power is removed so if you fall off of the chair the brakes go on so it doesn't run over you.

I may have clipped too soon.

Thank you so much!


Let me know if you need any help with it, its actually not to bad a job to do besides turning the chair over.


It is super easy. I used the same video on my 600xl's. All you need are some Allen wrenches and a Philips.

This web forum thread has some excellent photos:

Brake removal

Keep your brakes for later, I installed two encoders (which are possibly too small) under the cap where the brake used to be.

I can post photos later if you like.

Regards Matt


@All I didn't remove mine. I wired them up so I got this big red switch in the back of doom as an emergency kill switch. Is there a benefit in removing them, besides the extra unnecessary work, that I'm missing? Some enlightenment here?

@mdeming1 What are the encoders for ? Isn't PWM enough if it's for speed purposes?


The encoders are for feedback from the motors to the mpu so it can make up for skew and other stuff that is not right on target.


The only problem leaving the brakes on is that they do use power (how much, I don't know) in order to keep the brake off...

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Encoders are shown, discussed and can be seen working in my thread on the Kangaroo

To me encoders are very important for accurate robot locomotion.


OK, stupid question. How do you remove the wheel assembly from the wheelchair. If it was off of the wheelchair , I could get to things better. I will have the picture sometimes soon.


As Toymaker referenced, i'm using encoders to get my kangaroo to work with the kangaroo from dimension engineering. Currently, i'm not sure that the ones I installed will work. The size of the jazzy motor shaft has been a tremendous challenge to overcome when installing (non-standard) wheels and inexpensive encoders. For example, I just dropped off my 10" wheels and $40 ea. custom 17mm hubs to a machine shop to get them to make them fit. I am currently unsure what size encoders would be necessary to work but I am convinced that coupled with the kangaroo, the rover will be very accurate and safe which is imperative for this size bot.

As for removing from the wheelchair, I don't know the answer to that but they must attach via the allen screws. Take note, all of the allen screws on the motor case are of different lengths so don't over tighten before you are sure where they go. Also, many WC motors have a lever that puts them in neutral, mine are black and about 1.5" tall, rotate them 45 degrees one way and they engage, the other way they disengage.


Sorry it took so long to post. Here is a pix of the model I need to take the motors off to remove the brake.


User-inserted image


Yes you will have to remove them from the chair unfortunately. The side of the motor you need to get too are butted right up against each other separated by what looks like a piece of metal. That end has a black plastic cup attached with a zip tie around the circumference. Once you get inside I believe there is a nut that needs to be removed. Not home right now but will check on mine to let you know further. Im using these exact motors for the shoulder up/down joints on my bot. Will login later to check back. Chris


Saved! I cut the wires only and tested the motors and they are running fine. I did not have to pull all of that stuff off. (Praise God!).