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Now that is COOL :D


Oh that's a cool one for me for sure. Of course I would use a smarter fish that learns and you can train it. A porcupine puffer fish ! Those things are like a dog !


Lol, that is awesome! Too funny. So I wonder if goldfish get dizzy or motion sick? :D


you can by robotic fich on ebay for few dollars whit very nice colors.

robot fish


What about a EZ Robot FISH? Look @ this Robofish: create your robot fish with Arduino (why not EZB?)

homemade robot fish

Josh, are you reading this?

Steve S


Dude the robot fish are really cool. I want to buy one just to learn how it works now. Yes I'm reading ;)


Here is a vid that shows how it works. Looks like a small coil that moves the tail when it is energized.

It is very interesting. edit, try this.


That's just a simple little pulse motor:) COOL idea


rgordon you made very cool topic.


i will look stunning whit some 4 fich in nice colored ones.few plants and some rocks. maybe some lid ontop so the water doesn go wild.


@nomad18.08, I bet you'd look stunning with 4 fish and a lid on you!.... lol.

I love the goldfish driving the robot. I bet goldfish are actually smart enough to figure out the controls and drive where they please. People do teach tricks to goldfish - for a fish they are pretty smart :)


chrissi you use the male part (word) in duths did you know that.. and animals cant think,try standing on one leg hole day.


@nomad18.08, can you slow down the typing? I can't understand what you're trying to say with either statement confused


hahaha.and am the slowest one in typing.