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Finally.....A Sucess!!!!!

Just wanted to say I had my first sucess today!!!!!! I wanted to share it. I got my bot to say, "My name is Gizmo" when I ask, "What is your name"? Second, I got it to turn its head to the left, then back to the right, then forward, when I said "Gizmo"! May not seem like to much to advanced users, but after so much frustration It was a great feeling!!!!!! As Wall E would say, "TaDa!!!!!!!



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Sweet! I can't wait until my EZ comes so I can start playing with it.


good work! what if you could say what is your name? and he said gizmo, what is yours? and then it activated a 1-2 second microphone to record the voice, then convert it from voice to text, then using an aritifical intelligence program, it would call you by name, possibly randomly using the personality scripts. like, hey Lloyd, are you here? etc etc

(ok i just imagined something far in the future i think lol) just keep up the good work.

you should upload a pic of yourself to the avatar. did he say "my name is gizmo" using a .wav or .mp3 file or from the speech section's text to speak?


I used the speech Recog. Great ideas you have there, but way in the future for me. Trust don't want to see my pic.


I'm sorry but I will have to take some credit for his success. Just a bit. Nah, I'm joking. It is awesome to hear. It is much more satisfying to succeed after solving a problem or passing an obstacle than to succeed without failure. Without mistakes you don't learn. I think lostcreekstation is definitely progressing.


Awesome to hear! Its sooo good when you finally see a results after been frustrated with something, makes it so worth while:) And now you know you can do that, you can move on and try something else, or try larger more involved scripts. All about building from those results into bigger and better things! :)


I'm very proud of you :)


I have to give a shout out to Creativita for his assitance in helping me get a handle on understanding the EZ-B. He's an awesome young man!

I'm still having a problem with the command "Dance Please" For some reason that phrase just doesn't work. I've even changed the script name to "Boogie" and it still won't execute. The script is just a series of servo movements. The other scripts I wrote work as they should.


It can be a struggle to find the right pronunciation


pause between words. Say "Dance... Please". Computers are not humans, they understand each word. The words are spaced by silence.