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Fast Charge

Hi Don here....thanks for past replies ! I have a power adapter that is rated at 4 amps out , came from telescope motor drive. It charges the ebv4 quickly. Is this going to hurt the lipo?


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Yes it can hurt the lipo - how are you connecting the power adapter to the battery for charging? Is it a lipo charger? If not, the battery will explode. warning

How is the charger connected to battery?


A couple of things here...

  1. As DJ mentioned, if it isnt a lipo battery charger, you stand a high risk of blowing up the battery. By blowing up, I mean a 10K degree fireball that will burn down your house.

  2. Please research C ratings on batteries. It is safe to charge at 1C to keep from damaging the battery.


@djpadgham The lipo that comes with the revolution bots is a 2 cell lipo. Meaning it is made up of 2 x 3.7V lipo cells to get 7.4v total... The only real safe way to charge them is with a specific lipo charger/balancer... The balancer will charge both cells independently because no 2 batteries will peak at the same time. This keeps from over charging one cell while the other one is still charging. As mentioned above, over charging or under "volting" a lipo can destroy it or even cause it to explode...

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To keep the battery life as long as possible it's also recommended to charge slowly. I charge all LiPo batteries at 800mA. While it does take longer the battery life is maintained and the risk of fire is almost removed.

You can charge some batteries faster however you will need to check with the battery manufacturer though as they all vary.

My advice, for what it's worth, charge slowly. If you cannot wait for a slow charge buy another battery and have one on charge while the other is working and vice versa.


Hi , thanks all...its an ac power adapter same as the one that comes with jd except its 12v - 4000 mla output. I plug it into the balance charger that came with jd. It doesn't seem to make the balance charger any warmer when charging , I'll take its temp. and compare the two.

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The balance charger will take what current it needs, which is around 800mA I believe.

Provided the power supply to the balance charger can provide enough current and is in the voltage range apecified by the balance charger it will make no difference however you should only use power supplies which come with the device you are powering.


thanks Rich, makes sense , going to follow the instructions.