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Resolved Resolved by CochranRobotics!

Ezbv Not Connecting

my appolegies to ask this again.i need an answer how to figur out,
if the ezbv is damaged.i bouth a new one,and set it on Engenius.
withs is just recently all set up by a pc repairman.
the ezbv4 will not connect to the wifi,no matter what i try.
it works in AP mode ,but i dont like this way.

my pc is set to englich language.
other robot connect to wifi,but not for long.am out off ideas.
any pointers anyone ?thanks.


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Ssid is your network name (from the Engenius). The Engenius needs to know the MAC address of the EZ-B since you have MAC address filtering turned on.

Did I understand you saying that all of your EZ-B's now connect and then instantly disconnect? If so, that sounds like the MAC filtering on the Engenius is messed up. Since you just had your PC guy fix it up and are having issues again, maybe it is broken.

I would wait until Dave C has time to help again. He'll be able to help you figure it out.

yes i try all 3 ssid and pasword not one connects blue led keeps flaching.
1white 2 green 3 red 4 back to blue.
the mack filtering is not on,i try that to,but then nothing happens.
i need a quick answer on the polyfuse ,if that normal or not.
am get a dilivery tomorow from robots4all ez parts.
if i had an answer from the polyfuse i could call them and hope they send a new,
ezbv with my order.
other robots connects few sec and disconnect.
i need quick answer on the polyfuse,is this normal or not.
other robots connects few sec then disconnect.
the new ezbv doesn come out the ap mode it keeps flaching blue.
when i connect 1 white 2 green 3 red 4 blue again.
starting from web page ap mode.
I have 4 EZB's and they all have the fuse. However the newest is about a year old. Tomorrow is Monday for EZ Robot and the start of the work week. Someone there should answer your question soon. Have you started a Warranty ticket yet?
i just was sending them an mail.i was hoping to get an answer .
so i could give them this link from topic.
i bouth this ezbv4 here in belgium robots4all.be
they gonna send tomorow an order i did.i was hoping to get a new ezbv4,
with my order.
Im failing to understand the correlation between the missing poly fuse and the not connecting to your network. If it is powering on its not a fusing issue. My guess is that ez robot has made a design change and is now relying on the power base fuse rather than the redundant poly fuse. Hopefully someone from ez will chime in.
also i notest the temp from the ezbv4 is higher then normal some 26.15
i just revieve mail i get a new one,hope it goes well.
itry to connect the nao on engenius and that went perfect.
ezbv4 board is total diff then normal,if you see the pic original dj and mine.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
the problem was missing polyfuse.jason confirmed this.

thanks all for responding

new ezbv is in the mail
fantastic, I am glad that the issue was identified. makes ya wonder how they missed it but people are people:)

i was amaze to see no polyfuse.i cant believe that this is not on purpose ,
done.avery firm has many quality controls with devices to check there,
produckts.before leaving the factory.i could understand a missing screw.
but these boards are made by automatic robots.yep sombody got drunk that day.
It is very strange that it would work in AP mode but not Client with no polyfuse. I am surprised that it worked at all.

I guess we'll see when you get the replacement if you still need help with client mode.

hi alan

i now perfect how to connect an ezbv ,special with an iphone its very easy.
i was amaze not to get it out ap mode.and i must say in ap mode i didn disconnect ones.and also long time playing to.do the temp was higher then normal 26.18 .
wel tomorow i get big box with lot of ez parts.and i need to order some by jason soon to.another thing ,my nao has not on engenius and he connected perfect.
there is no chedule on the engenius.but i had a great time in ap mode,and
i now how to connect that one too,good practise.
jason confirmed that it normal ,the new ezbv4 has no polyfuse.
still the blue led starts blinking first.so i think you guys has to ,
check this out.seems another approuch is needed.
to set it up.
When you get the replacement let us know if you still can't connect and one of us will help you figure it out. If David is too busy working on EZ-AI, I'll be able to free up some time within a week or two to Skype with you, and I'll make notes on your network so we won't have to go through this again.

hi alan

i have allreddy the new one.i made notes too.in the mean im gonna call,
my pc guy to look at it.not that i dont want to skype with you.but averybody is doing there stuff.withs is also importent.just set my nao for sale,it also dont connect due,
aldebaran move on with the versions v5.0.double bummer .maybe i can make a video .

you can contact me,click my icon pic you see my adres.
remember that you can use the nao only in choreograph,
no downloads,you have to make all motion yourself.
there is no support for nao v3.3
OK. When the PC guy gets it working, have him give you step by step notes, with SSID and Password you need to add to the EZ-B. I suspect that your Engenious may be having a problem since things that were working have stopped, and this is the second time in just a few weeks.

i had to renew my hardrive.from the destop.sinds then nothing.
i think maybe i bin hacked.
its connected to wifi.i found a manuel same as my engenius.
there where a few errors that i corrected with the manuel step by step.
1 default pasword is admin changed that averybody knows that.
2 capital letter in EnGenius the g was not capital
3 in the tutorial dj says not to change AP settings,its set to channel 1,
and i put it on 11 like on engenius
4 is still a problem,in the manuel says something about speed set to 100%
i can go to much less 29.i think thats why ezbv4 disconnects
5 two places where set to private and had to be set to public.
i was very pleased to hear i have sucsesfull connected to your network

EnGenius manuel