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South Africa
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Ezb-V4 Firmware Upgrade?

Hi there.

I am starting out with the EZ Robot Dev kit, and I want to make sure my device has the correct and latest firmware.

The webserver reports it to be: EZ-WiFi v0.4a

When I run the EZ-B V4.x/2 Firmware program, it connects, but it tells me:


2016/07/07 9:19:16 PM - This upgrade program only works with the EZ-B v4.x/2.
2016/07/07 9:19:16 PM - Connected

Does this mean there is no upgrade available?
Do I have to download new firmware from the website? (I cant find any)
It seems to think I don't have a V4 device?

Thanks in Advance.

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There is no firmware upgrade for the ezb4... yet...
There is a new version of the V4 (the V4 x/2) coming out soon that will be firmware up-gradable over the air. The current version can only be upgraded with a PIKIT programmer. 0.4 is "new enough" that you won't experience the one bug that was in the earliest versions (it may even be the current version, I am not in a position to boot up my EZ-Bs right now to check).

When the v 4 x/2 is released there will also be a conversion kit if you feel you need any new features that get released with it or subsequent to it. The existing devices will be supported for a long long time without the upgrade.

South Africa
Thanks for the extra info @Alan.
I searched for (could not find) a link or thread that explains what the v 4 x2 is?

Does it exist?
The EZ-B v4.x/2 exists for a select number of beta users and will be available for public purchase this summer. For those with previous EZ-B versions, there will be an upgrade option as well.
yay, been wanting an inverted pendulum for a while, cant wait till its avail for me to get my grubby hands on the v4.x/2 !
Sounds good, but what is it?

DJ has been posting about it for months.

Off the top of my head, the features are:
-Auto-discovery of WiFi (the EZ-B will broadcast its IP address making it easier/faster to find in ARC

-faster connection to WiFi network

-Longer WiFi range

-Faster processing of ADC reads to prevent flooding the comm channel when reading analog devices..

-Support for a USB connection for direct computer control without WiFi (plugs into Camera port, so you lose the EZ-B camera is using this feature).

-Support for the upcoming Inverted Pendulum EZ-Bit (I may be mis-remembering this one, but I think DJ said it needs the faster reads of the x/2).

There will be a conversion kit for existing EZ-B v4 owners.

There is also a Mini EZ-B with less ports but same capabilities also coming out.

So, it's hardware and software? A physical board?

Any thread examples. I looked before i posted here.

Anything about it on the website?
Hardware. Replaces the top half of the EZ-B. So many threads that the search engine doesn't do a good job of finding them, and unfortunately just looking at threads started y DJ doesn't find it because he has always talked about it in a reply in another thread. He recently indicated they are ready to ship as soon as hte current stock of EZ-Bs sells out.

So it is a smaller version? Why wait till the other ones sell out. Why not sell both. I am looking to purchase a smaller version of the EZ-B. Can I purchase now?!
@WayneA. No.... The smaller version you are referring to is the still to be released IOTiny board... What Alan is referring to is the ezb4 1/2 ... And existing ezb4s can be updated to the EZB41/2 buy purchasing a new upper half of the ezb4 board... again all eventually to be released hardware.... FYI, if any of these were available for purchase they would be in the online store.... So if you want to know what is currently available just check the online store....
Thanks for the clarification!