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Latest submissions

How Cool Would This Be For A Moving Base?

How Cool Would This Be For A Moving Base?

I just stumbled upon this while I was supposed to be working... *blush* I think this would rock as a moving base for your bot! My biggest...

Ezb Microphone

From all the videos, I assumed the EZB had a built in microphone. Upon further inspection, it now seems I was mistaken? Does the voice commands then work through the PC mic only, and not the EZB? I am planning to use a small tablet bolted on to the bot to run the control software, so I can use that mic, but I am just making sure I am not barking up...

Ezb Failsafe?

Hi there. Is there a way to implement a failsafe on the EZB? Right now, if my EZB loses connection, everything stays in the state it was before the connection drop. It would be great if there is a way to implement a failsafe with default values to use in case of a connection break. If not a programmable failsafe, releasing all servos would do the...

Continous Servo Calibration. 90 Zero, Not Equal Up And Down

Hi guys. I have created a movement class for a two wheel bot setup (Like adventure bot). I copied the default values that ARC uses for a continuous servo movement panel. 180 108 1 I dropped the speed on each servo a little in ARC, and settled on a speed using. D1 150 108 30 D0 30 108 150 I then copied these values in my own project (SDK). I wrote...

Sdk: Speechsynthesis.Say(), Outputs To Pc Audio

Hi. I am trying to output speech on the EZB using the SDK. EZ_B.­Speech­Synth.­Say(­System.­String) outputs to PC Audio. The SDK documentation mentions that it plays to the "Default Audio Device". However, I cant find where to specify the EZB as the output device. Thanks.
Ezb-V4 Firmware Upgrade?

Ezb-V4 Firmware Upgrade?

Hi there. I am starting out with the EZ Robot Dev kit, and I want to make sure my device has the correct and latest firmware. The webserver reports it to be: EZ-WiFi v0.4a...

Sdk - How Do I Connect To ARC?

HI there. Maybe I am overlooking something, but I cant find any reference on how to connect to the ARC Software, using the SDK. All the examples show a direct connection to the EZB (Board). I want to access my "project" instance inside ARC, and interact with my board using the SDK (parallel to the controls already set up and working...

New Very Green Roboticist

Hey guys. Absolute robo n00b here from South Africa. Just received my Dev Kit, and I am very excited to start! @DJSures , I have not even touched any of the stuff yet, but I must commend you on what you have created here. I am in awe of all that you have created alongside this product, as well as the product itself. All the scripts, the Custom IDE,...
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