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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Ezb V3 Software For Windows 10?

Anyone have a link for ezb v3 software that will run on windows 10?

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Yup - that message is 100% accurate
Hello DJ Sures and All, , 

I ordered the following AC/DC power supply.  

its a 12V - 5A Power Adapter AC 100-220V to DC 60W Power Supply 

the tutorials say to get one with output voltage between 5v and 8v but that's because the ezb-V4 doesn't regulate power to the pins. 
But the ezb-v3 does. so i should be ok, right?

anything between 5v - 8v has max amps set at 3A 

let me know what you all think!

thank you again for all your help!
The ez-b v3 regulates power on the pins. However, be warned that the voltage regulator isn't great for servos. That's why the v4 had the regulator removed. The regulator gets real hot and starts shutting down or reboots. 

You can always bypass the regulator and use power directly from the power supply. That case, you'd need to ensure the power supply is within range of the servos. EZ-Robot servos are good to 8 volts. All other servos are around 5-6 volts. 

Depends on your application and how many servos and what kind of servos you're using
I may just stick to the 7.4v 2s lipos. 
A 7.4v lipo should run multiple servos with no problems right ?  My wall-e is using 10 servos. 

Any ac/DC power supply with a 7.4v output has a max amperage  of 3 amp. 

From what I'm reading that isn't enough power for multiple servos. 

So close yet so far!!!
look what i found on amazon!  (3V-12V 5A)power supply!

this should be perfect for either V3 or V4 right?
im so excited!

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Wow that’s a good deal. 5 amps will be good for a handful of high quality servos. Not the Chinese low cost orange wire ones though.