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Ezb V4- Unboxing

Hello all,

I was across the country for work when both my EZB4s and cameras arrived at my house. I'm back and today I unboxed everything. My first impressions are...wow. Are we sure there is not a missing "1", like its maybe version EZB14? Really, an enormous advancement over v3. Everyone there who was involved with the creation of this board and camera, my hats off to you. DJ you have done it again. Another game changer.

The EZB: I really like the color coded ports. I have so many controllers and they all connect differently, its nice to not have to think about which way the servos plug is turned around. One small complaint, the small writing for the labels on the ports ("D0". etc). At 48, even with reading glasses, its hard to see. But, I've printed the schematic and as long as I have the EZB oriented correctly I know what ports are where.

Connecting was easy with my router. I have it set up as a client. It was fast and straight forward.
I look forward to trying out the Dynamixel set up, and have ordered two to play around with.

The camera: speed and clarity are amazing. I know alot of the improvements are under the hood, but the camera is just outstanding. I tried all the camera controls and they were super fast in response to the input from the camera.

The EZ- Builder software continues to be more powerful with each update. But things in the pipeline, like a wi-fi serial terminal, are just outstanding improvements. I'm also looking forward to the IOS version of the Mobile builder since I own a shoebox of Iphones and Ipads. I'm sure the wait is due to Apple and not EZ Robots.

As some of you know I'm working on a Kickstarter campaign that uses the EZB exclusively. I had postponed it for a few months while I waited for the EZB v4, and I'm glad I did. The improvements added will only make the product shine brighter. Hopefully it will help EZ Robots grow through sales. I'll release all the info, videos, pictures, and Kickstarter info here first. I'd like the community help it grow, by adding scripts and ideas to the EZ-cloud. What better place than this forum?

I know you guys at EZ Robots have had a very difficult year, but its slowly paying off. The company will reflect that in continued success and growth in the coming months and years. To all the EZB employees and DJ, wonderful job!


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I loved reading this! I am excited to see what you do with your new EZB v4!
@aislinn , you'll be the first to know!;)
Thanks for sharing the video! Great job on your B9 robot.

Look forward to see what you do with the v4 controllers.

@fxrtst - Thanks for the kind words! We can't be happier about all the support and positivity coming from this first initial batch of v4's shipped out. It'll be a flood of awesome on here once all the orders have been filled!:)
Great work @fxrtst! Keep it up:)
@alan, Words well deserved for you and the team. I feel honored to be one of the first to install and use the ezb v4...again a job well done.

@Jason, Thanks !
A knock on the door this morning and surprise, surprise, Australia Post delivered my Ez-Robot development kit in a tiny box. It arrived a week earlier than Canada post's estimate, but I'm NOT complaining!
The whole kit plus a few extras like a Lipo battery and charger was in there, all tightly packed with tons of bubble wrap and foam pieces
First impressions is one of quality, everything looks & feels good. Lots of extra bits included that I worried would not be there. The charger has a set of plug adapters incl the Aussie one - hooray! The Ultrasonic sensor has a voltage regulator neatly wired in
The EzB V4 and camera are incredibly tiny. The 3D printed case is good quality and fits nicely together
What really impressed me was the "Made in Canada" sticker on the EzB bag, along with the Inspection Certificate for the board. I immediately had visions of the EzB team beavering away hand-making the first 100 boards for the lucky few which I deeply appreciate.

I had a few hours to spare today but I didn't know where to start! I sat there for a long while just inspecting all the goodies. I eventually set up a power source and tested the board. The wifi AP mode worked immediately but I stuffed it up when applying an 8 character password (which it somehow did not like). Fortunately reset fixed that. No password required for now. I also tested the camera and saw my surprised face on the monitor

I'll spend the rest of the time inserting the new servos into my Wall-E project.
So much to do, so little time!

Thanks very much EzB team for getting this kit to me:)

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User-inserted image
EZ Robot V4's are being sprinkled around the world! What an exciting time in history we live in. :)
Nice design on the voltage regulator... nice and compact... I don't even think you guys need to hard wire the wires on the sensor side of the regulator... So maybe a basic 3 wire servo wire on the one side that plugs into the V4 board and on the output side a 3pin header row to plug in you various basic 3 wire sensors....
@Tony1952 - We are pretty excited to be able to use those stickers! :P Congrats!
United Kingdom
Now that's not fair, I didn't get a sticker:(
United Kingdom
Haha, Thanks:D
LOL, thats funny.
I just fell off my chair laughing so hard my side hurts! :P

Thanks for the fun. I needed a good laugh just then. :)
By the way Rich, to be clear you get the sticker not the girl...:P
Very true! The sticker though... that is all yours! I suppose I was made in Canada though... :D
Thumbs up to the last 10 posts. Great to see some frivolity and laughter in this forum.
Sorry for creating Sticker Envy;)
BTW mine is not for sale. You don't see many maple leaf stickers in my part of the world, they are just as rare as kangaroo stickers!