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Ez-Shop Still Not Working For Me

video showing the problem. the only thing that works is the ez-kit purchase button.


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I just try it, it work for me, I live in the U.S. Not sure if it is a region issue.
@Technopro...it worked fine for me as well, and I am in canada! I think its a "region" issue inside your puter with settings of some kind !?:)
United Kingdom
@Technopro it's a problem with your PC, the shop works fine. Check your browser settings.
Techno pro. You really need to fix your computer dude. So many issues you experience should be helping you see the common factor: your computer:) We've been telling you for a while.

Backup any data and do a restore. Ideally, starting from scratch is a good idea. Over time, many little apps and services are installed which play havoc with windows. It's no secret:)

My suggestion is to install as little as possible. For example, here is a list of programs installed on my laptop:
- outlook
- word
- excel
- visual studio
- photoshop
- adobe premiere
- tortoise svn

That's it. I don't need anything else:)
United Kingdom
DJ you forgot a decent browser (unless ms has fixed ie)
whats happening is its redirecting me from the checkout to the shop page. I did my last purchase on this laptop. why wont it work now? the only thing ive installed since then was google sketchup.
New problem:

how do you clear the cache in internet explorer?

Any suggestions on why this is happening or how I can fix it?
United Kingdom
By installing firefox or chrome;)

Although I haven't used IE for a while it's never been anything near adequate IMHO. Install Firefox or Chrome and transfer your bookmarks over, then remove IE.

However, I'm inclined to agree with DJ and say back up everything, restore to factory settings and restore your file starting from fresh, only installing the applications you need. It could be a number of things causing issues, pinpointing it may be a challenge at best.
Chrome is more stable and less bloated.

how do you clear the cache in internet explorer?
Internet Explorer 7
From the Tools menu in the upper right, select Delete Browsing History... .

To delete your cache, click Delete files... .
To delete your cookies, click Delete cookies... .

To delete your history, click Delete history... .

Click Close, and then click OK to exit.

Internet Explorer 9 and 8
Click Tools, and select Delete Browsing History... .

Deselect Preserve Favorites website data, and select Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History.

Click Delete.
it appears to be internet explorer. I have chrome so ill use that to make my purchases.